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Aurin-Style! Your MC is dumped in the woods with only 30 secs notice. What ONE ITEM do they take?

A knife (and NOTHING ELSE. No clothes. Nada.) 0.39285714285714 39.3% [ 22 ]
A packet of matches. Who knew smoking could be good for survival? 0.16071428571429 16.1% [ 9 ]
A box of Thin Mints. (Come on, you know you'll get hungry out there...) 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 4 ]
A ruler. (Hell, why not. It's got weapon potential, right?) 0.035714285714286 3.6% [ 2 ]
A teddy bear. (It gets cold and lonely at night!) 0.053571428571429 5.4% [ 3 ]
A bottle of Jack Daniels. (It gets cold and lonely at night!?) 0.10714285714286 10.7% [ 6 ]
A dog whistle. (You train dem wolves.) 0.035714285714286 3.6% [ 2 ]
Socks. Because, well, you were getting dressed at the time. ;D 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 56 ]
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Obsessive Loiterer

13 lines down so far!

Enchantress: Okay, okay! whee That makes me happy. Which ones are you going to read?
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Revered Nerd

So I have brought up the symbolism page and I am just staring at it.

I am at the tell me what symbolizes these things... so I am looking at it, Money. What symbolizes money? Money symbolizes money, but that is three not two hundred words. Ok on to the next one. Love. Uh, f plus duck minus the d if I know. Authority. Ok I can to this one. *five minutes later* The traders have their weapons I guess...Authority equals a**-kicking! *wants to go to tvtropes*

emotion_facepalm I now remember why I stuck it in the drafts. I hate symbolism and explaining it. Although I use it a lot.
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Obsessive Loiterer

Whimsi: Hmm, any way that I can help?
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Revered Nerd

Moya- Unless you spotted some symbolism in the excerpts I posted and can tell me what it was I do not think so. But thanks for the offer.
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Timid Seeker

Mayo - the Black Friday ones! The one that you sent us via message and the unicorn one! Plus the ones I'll be once I get my Kindle HD!!!

Man...it's hard and painful to type one handed...tehe
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Greedy Receiver

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

My goals for December:
Finish "The Dare"
Edit at least 3 of my many short stories
Read more, need to do research and fun
Play WoW, but not too much
Type some of my old writing into the laptop
Get Moya to send me some of her short stories to read

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
I'm officially here! Good morning!
Since everyone was posting there December goals I will to:
Jack and the Beanstalk (Short illustrated Retelling)
Red Riding Hood (SIR)
Cinderella (SIR)
Sleeping Beauty (SIR)
Snow White (SIR)
3 Little Pigs (SIR)?
Beauty and the Beast (SIR)?
Time and Death (Short Story)
Gaia One (SS)
Gaia Two (SS)
Gaia Three (SS)?
The Heart (Edit and re-write SS)
Project X (novella?)

Non-writing related:
Exercise everyday since I really want to get in shape and healthy. I can't hardly do much more than walking after last night though... will not use that as an excuse
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Obsessive Loiterer

Whimsi: Hmmm. I can't think of anything, unfortunately. Sorry! I can suggest common symbols for things and see if you used them...?

Enchantress: Ohh, right! I certainly do hope that you enjoy those. I had a lot of fun writing them. Going to do sooo much editing in January, haha. And then I'll release stories all year long! 3nodding It'll be lovely.

Kendra: Aww, shucks. I'll happily send you as many of my stories as you're interested in reading! All the best with your goals, too. emotion_hug You're such a sweetheart, you know that?

Shadow: Woo, great list! I love it, and I cannot wait to see what you come up with! whee I'm so excited!
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Revered Nerd

Kendra and Shadow- Such great lists!

Moya- No that is fine and they need to be culture specific to my in world cultures. I have created lists of the cultures and am starting to fill them in and am about half done with the two prompts I aimed for today.
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Timid Seeker


*tackles to ground and hugs viciously*
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Greedy Receiver

Moya: I want to read what ever you are willing to share. Your stories are so good. I'm no seetheart. I'm evil!

You all have such great lists.

:hits the ground with Thee: THEE!!!!!!!!!!!! emotion_hug
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Timid Seeker

I missed you Kendra!
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Greedy Receiver

I missed you Thee! heart heart
Thee Enchantress's avatar

Timid Seeker

xp Still don't feel good...
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Obsessive Loiterer

50/266 bubbles translated! biggrin Woo.

Whimsi: Sounds like a big (and really fascinating) project! Best of luck!

Kendra: Well, not everything I write is wonderful, hahaha. If you send me a PM to remind me, though, I can send you a download link with my NaNo short stories. Your call, though. (And, if you read my first book, I might be able to send you my second through fourth books in their current drafts.) But that's all in rough draft form. It'll be much better once I edit everything!

Enchantress: I sure hope you feel better soon!

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