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Blue - New blood! emotion_awesome Welcome to our thread. I am Aurin. Or Jade. Whichever you prefer. And if you hear me discussing how much I dislike pants, don't be surprised.

Moya - You should get movies and cinnamon rolls! Or at least one, if not both. yum_puddi
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Hey Jade, Whimsi and Flea. I hope you are all well.

Hi Blue, someone new for me to annoy!
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Aurin: When my boyfriend wakes up, possibly. We were thinking of going to the movies today, since tomorrow is our five-year anniversary. (If you see me online tomorrow, kick me off! Uh, unless he's asleep, I guess.)

Adler, just so you know, Kendra pretends that she's the annoying one, but she's really the lovely one who inspires all of us to keep fighting. Like the adorable thread mascot or something.
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Moya: stare
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Moya: stare

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Whimsi: I've read through some of the prompts and have no idea how I'll answer most of them, but that's the fun part. I fleshed out my current ideas doing something similar. I told my roommate about my story idea (which was three typed sentences). We then spent an four hours doing a nice "question, answer, and creation" session. Now I have nearly 6000 words dedicated to my world!

Moya: Do you usually go for the more in-depth world or just as much as is needed for the story?

Jade: I shall counter your dislike for pants with a dislike for dresses and skirts.

Kendra: I accept your challenge, though I have a fairly high tolerance for annoying. I have an older brother.
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Kendra - Cinnamon rolls and Disney movies. 'Nuff said. 4laugh

Moya - What are you guys thinking of seeing? Hopefully you get cinnamon rolls.

Blue - Do what you gotta do. We can dislike random articles of clothing together! Although, I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts. I think I'm rather neutral towards them.

Okay! Question for EVERYONE! Am I allowed to continue the Random Excerpt Time! tradition? emotion_dowant
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My big challenge in worldbuilding is that it's a time travel story, so there are characters from distant times and regions. I can't have future characters dominating everything with awesome cyborg powers or something. But unfortunately I went too far the other way when I wrote the novel and had almost nothing to differentiate people of the future. sweatdrop So now I have to think of things I can work into the narrative.

Some random info: My world operates on the idea that Earth experiences a new Dark Age within the next century or so. Major collapse of the industrialized world, followed by a long stretch of warfare before people are able to begin rebuilding, but they can't just copy our world (partly because there isn't enough oil for that...) so they have to piece things together in whole new ways. When all is said and done, a thousand years from now, the world is only a couple hundred years more advanced than we are, because of all the setbacks.

Does any of that make sense? sweatdrop

Blue: Maybe I'll post some of my ideas to the thread when (and if) I get them figured out. I'm still finishing up a more minor religion, a futuristic satanism (which gets categorized as paganism, even though it irritates most of the satanists. XD ) I spent last night reading about morning stars, mother goddesses and whores. Great fun. emotion_awesome

Moya: Kendra as thread mascot. I like that idea. dramallama
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Adler- I had an idea for some of them and then others I just looked at and was like "Wednesday Thursday Friday? How am I going to answer this?" Then I get to it and discover new things about Maldia.
And I love it when I can do that with my friends.

Jade- I guess.
Here is the prompt I am working on, Philosophy- Symbolism

11.4.11 Death
Painted- White masks because the masks were originally worn to keep the souls of the dead from knowing who was who (because the faces and markings) are hidden so they could not haunt the living.

Traders- a coin with two hands, coin on the forehead. The coin with two hands is a trader symbol which means that the items that are there a free to be taken, either because the person has personally left them because they could not carry them, or that they no longer have need because they are dead. A coin on the forehead is a symbol of death because a coin is placed on the trader's forehead when they die so that they with more than they came.

Warring Lands- The color Red, Red flowers, and swords shoved into the ground. The color red because it is the color of blood and the color that is worn and used during mourning. The Red flowers because of the red fields and where the flowers in the red field came from. Swords shoved into the ground because when a man has fallen in battle his sword is shoved into the ground to mark the place where befell ad his body was burned or if e was buried to mark the spot where he was buried. (Sword grave stone marker is used when they die outside of battle too but started with the battles and spread).

Desert- Fire. Fire symbolizes death because it was what turned the mountains to desert and is how the people of the desert get rid of their dead as the constant shifting of the sands would quickly uncover any bodies they buried.

Stone Alliance- A mound of upturned earth (with an optional rock on it) because the people of the Stone Lands bury their dead.


Turzikians- Fire pits, the fire pits are where they burn their dead and the bodies of the turzdkd to make certain that they are dead.

And in every culture the magic void is a symbol of death (as well as the magic) as it is where the souls of the dead go when they die.

Flea- Your world sounds amazing.
And instead of different cultures separated geographically or whatever they are chronological.
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Adler: I go pretty in-depth for Fallacy. For instance, I know details about imports/exports from every village in Qol, even though only a handful are ever featured, and the imports/exports virtually never come up. I also know the legal structures for the different villages, how much influence they exert on one another, and what their climates are like. I also know what differences exist in their laws and what jobs are well-regarded, as well as attitudes toward various sociopolitical ideas. I even know what species are indigenous to the areas and what the weather patterns are like across the continent, up to and including rain shadows caused by mountains.

But almost none of this shows up directly in the Qol books. It just influences motivations, opinions, descriptions, etc.

For Unmaking, I spent the first part of the month writing mythology for the anthology, and I followed the world from its creation and past an apocalypse.

For my steampunk stories (this month's task), I've found 10+ scholastic resources to make sure that I'm correct about minute linguistic and historical details for the setting (Meiji Restoration Era Japan). I've also invested a lot of thought into the specifics of the technology.

...Uh, basically, world-building is ridiculously fun, and I love it when I can build worlds.

Aurin: Possibly Rise of the Guardians? Or maybe the new Bond movie. I ate a brownie, at least, which helped a bit.

AND YES PLEASE RANDOM EXCERPT TIME! I love reading what y'all come up with!

Flea: It fits, no?

Also, awesome concept. Definitely makes sense to me, and I love the oil angle. Think I could help somehow? Let me know if so.
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Jade: I often wear pants. They are comfortable. Glad we can have a grown-up conversation about our clothing choices.

Also, I vote YES for the Random Excerpt Time! tradition because traditions are fun, and this one sounds interesting.

Flea: The idea makes sense. You said you went the other way though in trying not to make the futuristic characters too powerful. They seem to be at least somewhat more advanced. Are the future characters traveling to the past?

I can see why the Satanists don't want to be called Pagan. I can also see why the Pagans wouldn't want to be associated with the Satanists. Out of curiosity, what mother goddesses were you looking at?
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Moya - I want to see that one. Rise of the Guardians, I men. Bond, maybe. If someone else was going and asked me along, I wouldn't say no.

Blue - I like pants. It's just, when I'm home I often times refuse to wear them. Because I live alone and I can and I don't like sitting around in them. It's so much more comfortable sitting around playing Grand Theft Auto or Assassins Creed in just my undies. emotion_dowant

And everyone better watch out, because randomly, I will be asking for random excerpts. And if you aren't writing anything at the time, I will expect you to open up a project, find something, and post. No one is exempt! emotion_awesome
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Flea: stare

Jade: I am glad that things are well with you.

Blue: I have two older brothers, a younger sister and a dad who love to play pranks. I have been raised with the idea that snowball fights inside are fun.

Moya: I am the annoying, mean one. Not adorable.
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Aurin: I'll be able to post excerpts that aren't horribly long! biggrin Also, I saw Rise of the Guardians, but I want to see it again in 3D. It was really pretty.

Kendra: How I imagine you IRL:
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Moya: Reminds me a bit of the Harn world. I love the idea of knowing how the economies work and the relationships and interactions between villages and such. However, I don't think I know enough about the relation between region/land and resources/commodities. Any reference tips?

I'm seeing Rise of the Guardians in two hours! A bunch of friends and I are going then hitting up a really amazing bookstore. The entire second floor is a labyrinth of books with no organization, but every book up there is a dollar! So excited!

Kendra: Snowball fights in the house were vetoed by Mutti (mom). Although, if you want a fun winter game, play crochet in the snow.

Jade: This seems like a fun challenge.

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