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Welp I suppose I can tell my plans for after NaNo. I'll most likely be going back to my Phantasy Star Universe/Portable series fanfiction that I've been neglecting since October. I'll finish up my NaNo story as well and do some editing. But I'm really missing my fanfiction OTL
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This is me right here. XDD

I like editing more than writing, actually ... *flees* I will join your wholesome club!!
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Given that it is now December in Texas.

Now excuse me. I have a zombie apocalypse to write. yum_puddi
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Now I can get back to updating OTL
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I'd love to join in as well. I wasn't able to do NaNoWriMo because of life in general, so I decided to just bump it a month. I have a 50k word goal for December.

Nothing more specific than that...

Best of luck to all.
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Thread-splosion! emotion_awesome

My goals for December are:
- get through the rest of my university deadlines
- hit at least 75k on The Night King by January 5th (around these deadlines and Christmas reading and such)
- Christmas reading (for fun!!)

... Also, every time somebody posts in this thread, I get an email. I should fix that. rofl
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OH, I SHALL MOVE OVER TO THIS THREAD, SHALL I? good morning, everyone!
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Good morning! I feel awake for the first time in ages and ages. (I slept from 6pm to 12am, then 3am to 6am.) I just ate a poppy seed muffin and am feeling ready to take on my translations for the day! scream Wooo!

I am so insanely proud of everyone who hit their goals last night, by the way. You're all so incredible.
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as opposed to you, who hit that goal three times over? xDD congratulations on your 150k as well, sweet thing! <33

i have to go to work now, but if you're still on tonight, i'll talk to you then! ta ta, love!
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It's settling in time biggrin

December Goals
- Finish my last 4 uni projects
- 2 Application things to finish
- 2 Code lessons per week
- Write a choose your own adventure game in Twine
- Figure out what kind of Shadowlack themed video game I want to make
- Start role playing again once Shadowlack gets it's In Character boards back!

And I think I should stop that list here, since I have a road trip in the middle of December after which I'll probably be completely unproductive due to how little time I'll have when home for the holidays. sweatdrop

First goal of the day though, book a train ticket!

Good morning Moya, I'm happy to hear you slept better!

Have a good day at work Muffs!
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Muffers: Aww, shucks. It's not the same, really. I'm a seasoned veteran of the NaNo process, and writing is my full-time job. It's apples and oranges. I'm way more proud of all the darling people in our thread than myself, haha. (Though I am, in fact, proud of myself, as well!)

Mors: Wooo, goals! Your goals sound excellent. Be sure to share your CYOA game, okay? I love those!

Anyway, now I'm going to get my butt in gear and start translating! First objective: checking to see how many pages I actually have ahead of me.
EDIT: OOPS, looks like 59 pages, not 40. Well then. Away I go! With luck, I'll finish it all before my boyfriend gets up anyway. (He was up until 3am, too, and then the people at work called at 7am to get him to work from home, but he'll go to sleep when that's done...)
Wow,great to see so many still on a writing binge although NaNoWriMo's ashes aren't even cool yet. I might not make too much progress for the first few days since I severely burned my hand on the oven last night and it's still very blistered today.

My goals for this month:
Edit all 125,000 words of Millennium Children.
Write another 1,500 words of my dissertation.
Get to 35,000 words with Alexei.

I think I might just stick to planning out my course of action for the month today. Progress comes tomorrow.
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I have moved to the off-season thread. And am ready to do some Post-November progress

Congratulations to everyone! I am so proud of all of you. crying

Goals for December- January:
~Edit Breaking the Stars
~Finish writing Binding the Stars
~Complete History- The Past and Philosophy- Symbolism for the Big-a** Fantasy Land Challenge (And to make sure I am giving links to my thread for it so people can see my (lack of) progress here and then the contest thread here
~Stay current with the 365 Day Challenge (that I lapsed during November for good reason).
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Yay, people are here!

Thanks, you beautiful Anon, you. It's my pleasure. ^^

Moya: Yay for good sleeps! I slept for a long time and woke up still tired. I think it's all catching up on me. sweatdrop

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