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Hi guys! Welcome to [Off-Season NaNoWriMo]!

A group of Gaians involved in the NaNoWriMo 2012 thread agreed that it might be nice to have a warm, cosy supportive thread available for use after November ended. So, here it is. I'd like this place to be a friendly one, where people feel comfortable talking about their on-going projects (amongst other things), and can get support if they want it.

Also look out for word wars, writing prompts, and other fun things throughout the rest of the year.

If people have any questions regarding NaNoWriMo, or the purpose of this thread, feel free to ask. We welcome new friends!

[Since we have several awesome thread banners, I'm going to cycle through them in this first post. Feel free to use them in your signatures, too!]

Current banner by Moya of the Mist

Past Events:
October 1st - 31st 2013: NaNoWriMo-PLANNING! Set this month aside to get some planning done for your NaNo novel. Or just to finish what you're currently working on! Or, hey, just get some more done in time for that up-coming month of literary abandon. User Image Check out the thread for mini-events during this time, such as planning prompts and a "Tell us about your plot/character/world" show-off session!

November 1st - 30th 2013: NaNoWriMo! We'll probably be moving to a new thread during this time. Please stay tuned for updates. ^^

April 1st - 30th 2014: Camp NaNoWriMo! We will be in THIS thread during April 2014. ^^

Current and Upcoming Events:
We have a host of events coming up, so keep your eyes peeled! Writing and Editing weeks (sort of like Set Your Own Goal NaNoWriMo lasting a week) will probably be happening pretty regularly, perhaps even once a month. Check back here for updates.

May 1st - 31st 2014: nanoMAYnia! Simply, NaNo in May! Set yourself a goal, and write as much as you can, every day! A bunch of us are taking part, and keeping track of what we've written in our signatures etc. Expect many word wars throughout the month!

June 1st - August 31st 2014: SuWriMos! Head over to the new thread so you don't miss out on this summer of writing.

----& UPDATE:
Sorry for the lack of activity lately, guys! I've been having a rough time at home. Hopefully things should pick up again soon and we can have some nicely scheduled prompt-y fun! ninja
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Hello, all! Is this open yet, or are we holding off until NaNo ends?

EDIT: So that I don't lose them, here are my December goals:

In December:

To do:
- Make 24 post cards from my characters to my KickStarter backers
- Translate ~40 pages of comics from Japanese to English

To write (Total: 40k~70k):
- Steampunk Urban Fantasy Novella [Fox Train] (15k~25k)
- Steampunk Fortune Short (5k)
- Steampunk Serendipity Novella (15k~25k)
- Steampunk Lesbian Adventure Short (5k)
- Steampunk Romance Novella (15k~25k)

To accomplish this while not doing much on the weekends or holidays, here's the schedule:
1 (Sat): Translate ~15 pages (If possible, just translate all ~40. Should take about 10 minutes per page if I can focus.)
2 (Sun): Five Year Anniversary (kick me offline if you see me on here! scream )
3 (Mon): Write 5k of Fox Train
4 (Tues): Write 7.5k of Fox Train
5 (Wed): Write 7.5k of Fox Train
6 (Thurs): Write 7.5k of Fox Train and/or Fortune
7 (Fri): Write 5k of Fortune (finish it)
8 (Sat): Translate ~15 pages
9 (Sun): Translate ~10 pages
10 (Mon): Write 5k of Serendipity
11 (Tues): Write 7.5k of Serendipity
12 (Wed): Write 7.5k of Serendipity
13 (Thurs): Write 7.5k of Serendipity and/or Adventure
14 (Fri): Write 5k of Adventure (finish it)
15 (Sat): Make 12 post cards
16 (Sun): Make 12 post cards
17 (Mon): Write 5k of Romance
18 (Tues): Write 7.5k of Romance
19 (Wed): Write 7.5k of Romance
20 (Thurs): Write 7.5k of Romance and/or Shadows Turned
21 (Fri): Write 5k of misc short stories
22 (Sat): Finalize rewards
23 (Sun): Finalize translations
24 (Mon): Christmas Eve!
25 (Tues): Christmas!
26 (Wed): Write 5k of misc short stories
27 (Thurs): Write 5k of misc short stories
28 (Fri): Write 5k of misc short stories
29 (Sat): Rest
30 (Sun): Rest
31 (Mon): New Year's Eve!

Misc. Short Stories: Any random ideas, stories about Qol characters, stories I skipped during NaNo, etc.

Then, in January, I'll start the editing process for everything and publish things like this:
January: Return the Sea, P-A Fairy Tale Bundle 1
February: P-A Fairy Tale Bundle 2, P-A Lesbians Bundle
March: Romance Bundle, UM II (novel)
April: The Great Ships, Steampunk Urban Fantasy (novella)
May: Steampunk Fortune, Steampunk Serendipity (novella)
June: Steampunk Lesbian Adventure, UM III (novel)
July: Steampunk Romance (novella), Mythology Bundle
August: Myth Remix Bundle 1, Myth Remix Bundle 2
September: Myth Remix Bundle 3, UM IV (novel)
October: Urban Fantasy Bundle 1, Urban Fantasy Bundle 2
November: Time Travel Bundle, Qol Shorts
December: Qol Short Bundle (novel-ish)

I can't guarantee that it'll all pan out just like this, but this is my goal, at least!

EDIT EDIT: New goals because I got sick.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: New goals because anxiety.

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay, last one. I think this will be sufficient.

EDIT X5: Okay, so everything ever was a bust, but here's to 2013.
AND EDIT X6: If I'm feeling crazy...

EDIT X7: If I can manage last year's NaNo pace for 6 days a week... (Because I want to publish all of these stories by the end of 2014.)

EDIT X8: March 16-April 14.
EDIT X9: Daily schedule.
EDIT X10: Snowflaking method at a glance!
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I hadn't really considered it. I guess we should maybe wait. We don't want to take the steam out of the NaNo thread until tomorrow. dramallama
Hey, I'd love to join in. I have a novel that needs editing and I was thinking just last night that it would be cool if I got it done by New Year. I was going to wait until NaNo ended anyway (November's always pretty busy for me), and I'd love to do at least one writing shindig this year. Motivation's always better with others lending support, too.

So yeah. Count me in. emotion_awesome
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Yay! It's good to have you. =D The thread will probably get more active once NaNo officially ends. ^^
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I'm here! I'm here!
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I'll be here likely. I had other commitments aside from Nano', so I'm about 20k off from the 50k desired goal.
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What are all of your goals for December/January and beyond, everyone?
Moya of the Mist
What are all of your goals for December/January and beyond, everyone?

Editing, mostly. I know that doesn't sound like any fun at all (and it mostly isn't), but if I can get this draft edited I'll be at the point of being able to self-publish it. Or be a big step closer, at least.

How about you? What are you aiming for?
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My plans for December are up in the second post on the thread. I'll be spending January on editing and self-publishing, though. I have two things for sale right now, but the more I publish, the more luck I'll have!

If you have trouble with the self-publishing process, feel free to drop me a line!
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How exciting! We're about to officially move from the NaNo thread to the Off-Season thread. Thought I'd pop in with a quick YAY before shufflin' back over to the other thread for another couple of hours.
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oh ho, what new playground is this? - grin -
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Ohai guys yum_cupcake
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With this new second thread we can begin our slow take over of the Writers Forum twisted
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*rolls in here*

Goals for December
Go biking again finally jeez I miss my bike
Get the holidays sorted
Find a second job
Finish art commissions
Read all these books I checked out midmonth!

I'm going to write until I just don't want to any more and then I'll go back and edit what I have so far, adding on to the storyline as inspiration strikes, and editing what I've got when it doesn't. That's my lazy, laid-back plan.


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