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Free gold!!

Yay!!! 1 100.0% [ 259 ]
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Magical Bookworm

Congratulations Green!! Time to party =D
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Muffers's Husband

Super Streaker

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Gracious Giver

I am so close to my 25k goal, and yet I can barely keep my eyes open.
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Magical Bookworm

Hang in there Red! Grab a drink or something small to eat, it will give your body the fuel it needs to continue!
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Gracious Giver

Hey Morse I think I am about to make me a cup of hot tea. I was sleep typing.
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Magical Bookworm

As silly as sleep typing can get, awake typing will provide you with greater speed! =D
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Eternal Senshi

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And it's now dec.1 in the East Coast yum_tea
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Gracious Giver

I still have 50 minutes here in the Central.

Thank you Anon
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Desirable Genius

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  • Pie For All! 300
Quite the ride we had, wasn't it? :3
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Greedy Receiver

I'm going to miss this forum. crying
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Dapper Fatcat

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It's okay, Kendra, we shall make the new thread just as full of awesome! User Image
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Greedy Receiver

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