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Kendra...I sorry...I hope things get better

And Mayo I know...it doesn't make much sense, but then again I don't make much sense...
Good Afternoon thread! How is everyone? How is the writing going?
I finished what I was working on!! It only put me at 25k though...
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Thanks Thee. I forgot about him till he called. I was too focused on writing.

The group was sitting around the campfire cooking something that smelled of fish. They were laughing and even D had a smile on his face. Fireflies flew about them like tiny stars dancing in the fading light. She hasn't seen fireflies since was little. Laura look on and wanted that moment to go on forever. She stood in the trees just taking in the sight. Sara suddenly tripped and fell into her. Laura’s muscles locked up and Sara moved away form her fast.
“What did you do to me?” She had to say it through clutched teeth because she couldn’t open her mouth.
“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to. That is why they kept me in my own room back at the lab. When I touch some one their body just locks up and the longer I touch them the longer the effect lasts with the possibility of turning them to stone if I touch them for too long. It is a curse passed down among my family.”
“This explains so much of your behavior. Never letting any one touch yo. Sleeping far away from everyone else.” She is now able to open her moth and can already feel the rest of her loosen up.
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Drat, missed my own word war. But I discovered that we had carrot cake! emotion_drool Worth it.

How are y'all doing?

Shadow: When you say that you finished what you were working on, what do you mean?
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SHADOW!!! emotion_hug

How are you?
Moya:: I mean I finished Jack and Red's individual retellings. Sorry for being terribly unclear about that.

EDIT:: Kendra:: I'm fine and you?
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Your welcome!!! I'm here anytime...mostly...lol
But I am always around when someone needs to rant!

Edit; Shadow I've missed you!!!
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My cat keeps licking my laptop and rolling on my lap while purring... She's being adorable and distracting me from writing.

Shadow: Ahh, I see. So what's next on the agenda?
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Greedy Receiver

Thanks Thee

I am okay Shadow. A bit better now that you are here to spared around your awesomeness.


Awww that's so cute. Of course I say this as someone who gets annoyed when my cats does that cus I just got to cuddle them when they do.
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All caught up!!! Now I can move forward with Leo's nightmare!!!
Which sadly...I refuse to share with anyone but my lovely editor!

Sorry....but it's a secret and I've actually shared a lot of those already...
Thee:: I've missed you too! EDIT: Lucky editor!
Moya:: I was thinking that I want to conitnue with my retellings but I honestly don't think I have enough knowledge of the topic to do so, so I'm not really sure right now!

Oh with that I should probably mention that I will be absent all day tomorrow because I only have one class and as soon as it is over I am driving back home. Roughly 9 hours from where I am and everything. Hope to be able to write and hang out again on Wednesday.

Captcha:: "let me know"

EDIT:: That's great that you are doing good Kendra! thanks for calling me awesome, nothing like an ego booster!
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Kendra: Right now she's calmed down thanks to cuddles and just lying half across my lap and purring in her sleep. whee She's such a precious baby.

Enchantress: Congrats on catching up! Wanna war at :00?

Shadow: Do you have anything like Dragon Voice? You could recite your book to it as you drive, haha. You could always clean up the text later.
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Greedy Receiver

I call you awesome cus you are Shadow.

Moya is amazing, Thee is the stylish one. Cage is cool,

and so on.

I am the annoying one to balance out all the greatness in one forum.
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Kendra: The only thing that's annoying about you is that you can't see how sweet you are, silly. rolleyes I love having you around, at least!
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Timid Seeker

Moya of the Mist

In class til about :30
I will when I'm done!

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