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1. Does role playing help your writing skills?

I don't know. I do not, and have never, roleplayed. I'm sure it helps in some ways, but I hesitate to say how much it helps- how many successful authors can you picture roleplaying online?

2. Do you write for fun, or plan on trying to make a living off of the writing?

I writer seriously. Very seriously. Publication is my end goal; making a living off my writing is my biggest life goal- not biggest as in most unobtainable, biggest as in the one I put the most work into. I'm not oblivious; I realize a day job is a necessity and will be for many years to come, but when I look ten years into the future, I do not see myself still working in an office, filing charts and typing medical reports. This is temporary. Writing is my career. It just takes longer to start.

3. Any tips for aspiring writers? Tips for description, is the main thing..?

If you're having trouble with description, read literary fiction. Even if you write genre. Everything I know about writing genre fiction, I learned by reading genre fiction; everything I know about writing description, even in genre fiction, I learned by reading literary fiction. Start with Janet Fitch.