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Holiday Writing Challenge

NaNoWriMo has come to an end, and like many others, I had to drop the challenge due to personal reasons. I had an idea to challenge myself by doing something similar to NaNo, but then I thought, Why not let others join me?

So here it is! The Holiday Writing Challenge!

So, when is this taking place?
The challenge starts on December 1st and ends on January 24th.

Are there rules or guidelines?

    -You can start a new project, or continue one you’re currently working on. The stage/progress doesn’t matter.
    -There is no preset word count goal. That means you can set your own goal. If something happens and you need to take a week or so away from the challenge? You can lessen your goal. If you think you’re going to pass your goal well before the 24th, then you can raise it. But please, only change your goal if it’s one or the other, no “just because…” excuse.

-Before anyone else asks, you can write whatever you want! Fiction, fan-fiction, poetry, nonsence... c:

Any progress can be posted here, as well as support… ^^

Now, as this is something new for me, I think we should discuss for the first day or so what other guidelines there should be. This is also because it is so sudden, too. Make it a group effort, guys? c:

This is an alternative to NaNoWriMo, for those who either had to drop the challenge or didn’t meet the goal of 50,000. Those who wish to continue past the 50k mark may also join in and support those of us who didn’t win.

Please either PM me with your word count goal, or post it in this thread. I will then add your username and goal to the list below.

Writers Challenged - GOGOGO~! A petter pace for everyone to kee p track of their challenge projects, and get help!
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Participants and their Goals!

acid tripp-x - 10,000
Yunachu - 20,000
Chitoko Kanzaki - 40,000
DJ Princess Z - 8,000
hanoo_chan - 20,000
LoperDoper - 10,000
coffee-stained heart - 15,000
Astrox - 15,000-25,000
Stampede-Love and Peace - 15,000-30,000
Isis of Magic - 10,000
Blew von Karzehl - 10,000

iKilledzYerNoodlez - 120 pages.
I'll participate!

I'm going to bring a new story up to 50.000 words. Or at least, I'll try.
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*facepalm* Allright, finally at the right thread. My goal is 40k, 15 of which _has_ to be diolauge, and 2 maps.

Because I was in desperate need of at least 3 like, in AUGUST.
I will challenge myself to write something consisting of at least 8k words that isn't utter crap or filled with fluffy details. c:

My real goal is about 10k but since I may not accomplish that I'll stick to baby steps and go with 8k. c:
I am officially joining, and my starting goal is 20,000.
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4laugh So happy to see people actually joining! I haven't wrote anything yet today, as I have been playing World of Warcraft... I needed my fix of wowcrack before I began writing. Haha... (:

At my starting point I have 4080 words total of the project I'm working on and my goal is to reach 50,000 words total. so I guess I only have 45,920 left. Which means I only have to write 835 words a day.

Think I can do it? smile

EDIT; half way to my daily goal for day one... so I will have to write 1263 words tomorrow to make up for it... :/ I have to go to bed now though. sad
acid tripp did better than hanoo_chan. hanoo_chan only wrote 277 words.
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acid tripp did better than hanoo_chan. hanoo_chan only wrote 277 words.
That's still progress. smile
Good luck!
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I'll join, albeit a day late. My target is 10,000 words, or nine chapters.
Have to count in the fact I have two GCSE exams and quite a bit of coursework to do in this time.
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        definitely joining. my goal is going to be 15K, although i think i'll reach that soon enough and will more than likely change it ~
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To reach my actual goal, I have to only write just under 300 words a day... haha. if I write more, great! smile

it's nice to see more people interested! Next year, I will definitely post this a week early so people can decide ahead of time.. hahah.

Posting my current progress in the thread I had already made for the story. Go ahead and read it if you'd like! I have a link in my signature.

EDIT; Tonight I decided to do some planning... Right now Im doing some character profiles.. later I'm going to tryto work out how the next few chapters are going to go...do a kind of.. flow chart of what I think should happen...

I really think I have the most awkward way of planning things.

Um... maybe I wont do that tonight... :/ Character creation forms are annoying to fill out.. most of the information isnt needed..
Yay progress!!! I got about 500 words written today, which is a lot more than yesterday's grand total of zero.

I also discovered something today. Apparently, one of the best ways to motivate myself to write is to read stuff I've already written. It's funny, because the story of my life lately has become that the things I want to read most aren't yet written. And when I read to the ending point of what I have, I want to read more, and when I'm the one writing the story, the solution is simple xd
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I need to think about it. I know the next two weeks aren't going to be real productive, since I've got finals to see to. But I have a story I'm working on producing text for, and I could use something to hold myself to.
I'm soooooooooooo happy today. I actually have a working timeline now!!! xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd Before, I was writing with just a vague idea of what was going to happen, but today, I sat down and threaded all the random ideas into an actual plot outline.

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