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Sometimes I listen to music before writing, to help me think up ideas, but not so much while I'm writing 'less I keep it down low or tune it out. Usually if it's a song I know well I wind up trying to sing along with it most of the time and that doesn't work so well for writing.
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Before, listening to music was the only way I could get anything done
If I am "song writing" listening to music is WAY distracted because then i end up taking bits and pieces of what i'm listening to
other stuff I suppose it kin of depends
if i want something to help me chill out a bit then yea turn the music up
otherwise quiet and tranquility is the way to go
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It depends for me.

If I'm writing a scene with a load of violence and conflict, I use rock and metal-type songs.

If I'm writing a scene where sadness is present, I choose a sad song.

Sometimes, I don't listen to it at all because it distracts me.
Multitasking is hard for me. So no. :C
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some music lets me write better, other times i need silece, it just depends on my mood
I usually do I am almost always listening to music but sometimes it does distract me from what I am writing.

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