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I need some sort of background noise. Music is generally it though. I like knowing the music though, otherwise I'll stop in the middle, wonder what the song is. It's different with instrumental though for some reason. Generally, it just needs to be something will help me focus.
i listen to screamo when i wright
it helps me with my dark side in mt poems
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I never actually seek out music while I'm writing, but I don't avoid it either. If someone else is playing music, I don't find it difficult to write or anything--with five siblings, I've gotten used to tuning out background noise.
I always listen to john mayer, the script, the fray, frank sinatra, michael bubble, or jack johnson for inspiration... I always enjoy some rise against too smile I guess it reeally just depends on what I am writting about at the time. mrgreen
No, I find it too subliminally distracting. I end up changing my character's mannerisms if there's music in the background (even when I'm not listening, even when it sinks so far into the back of my thoughts that I can't hear it), but it can come in handy if I need to write a more visual scene.
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I constantly listen to music, so yes. (Except when I sleep because it distracts me)

I like to listen to songs that fit the part I'm working on or what characters I'm writing with that it perfectly describes.
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It usually depends. When I have a good upbeat song to get me on a roll, but then I have those times when I just prefer instrumental music so that the lyrics won't get in the way of the flow of your own words.
some times yes i listin to music when i write
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I pretty much listen to music no matter what I'm doing.

So that is a big fat YES

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I pretty much always listen to music when I write. Sometimes I find songs that seem to fit with themes/characters etc. in my novel, but for the most part I listen to music in order to block out the rest of the world. I can easily write with other background noise, such as the TV or a movie, but silence bothers me when I take a pause from my writing to think. I like there to be something else that goes on around me while I work.
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Sometimes, but I don't like listening to songs with lyrics while writing. I dunno, somehow I end up writing the lyrics instead. ((don't tell me you guys haven't done that before, like when you're listening to someone/something and you start writing it))
But generally no, idk, I think it's easier for me to think hard without music. Music is more for homework writing where I don't have as high standards (generally).
Typically, yes. It helps to drown out the noise of politics on the TV, the noise of people playing with the dogs, the ticking of clocks, and the squeaking of the chair as my restless leg bounces up and down. It also drowns out the overbearing almost choking sound of silence when everyone else is gone. Or maybe I just like the music itself... *shrugs*

Current faire include: Mostly Nox Arcana with a few songs by 1000 micrograms, infected mushroom, juno reactor, nightwish, amethystium, and era... I'll admit I'm a little strange ^_^
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Yup yup! Music's instrumental (unintentional pun here!) to getting the right mood in my writing. I often create playlists for various types of scenes (or people) just so I can ensure that I keep up the right mood.
Depends on the situation but usually I listen to movie scores, classical, jazz or Disney songs. I try to stray from Rock unless I feel it is appropriate although Skillet's inspired some pretty cool stuff. Country and rap usually...I don't go near them.
I do, but I dont listen to instramental, I listen to metal ( Screamo, deathmetal, ect) It makes ME more creative. I geuss

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