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Hey everyone. It has literally been ages since I have been on other than a quick check here and there. But ages since my last post. Way back when me and a group of friends had put together some collaborative works and come up with some wonderful stories. That is what brings me back to this forum. I am currently in the midst of writing a rather short story and cant seem to get it right. The problem Im having is that the story must be in Journal entry style following the main character. So Im just gonna throw a basic rundown of my story. Ill give you the background of my character and what I am looking to do with it. If you would like to help, feel free.

My character,

Name: Azoth Tenebre
Class: Ranger/Assassin
Height: 5'8"
Race: Vryloka (Dampyr)
Unique Bloodline Traits.
(1)Licencieux -grant the power to warp the perceptions and emotions of humans, altering their behavior by causing wondrous and fantastic illusions
(2)Meminisse/Linagem -the Mnemosyne draws forth the memories of those around and can read the personal memories of anyone he so chooses as well as implanting memories or thoughts. As his powers improve the Telepathy improves to force his will through the ties he has made, controlling targets without the need for proximity or eye contact (This is different in the book than on the sight.)

Clan (from book "The Requiem): Born in the Deava clan but well known in Mekhet clan as "The Guardian". Wears a Mekhet Amulet as a gift from the he was the "hound" or Guardian for many higher entities in the clans.
Bloodline: ("The Requiem" pg 105-109) part of the Duchagne bloodline, adopting their unique gift, but also adopting Mnemosyne's after hundreds of years of being around them and training in and around them.
Alias: Night Angel (The Guardian/The Shadow)

Personal History: Was a single herbalist in early 100's AD in Romania. Spent most of his time creating poisons and concocting remedies or healing potions for the locals. Studying plants and how they work. He was also curious about all things mysterious which lead him to his Embrace. He was "Embraced" by a Deava vampress. This Vampress became close friends with him, teaching him her ways of hunting and seducing but shortly after Azoth chose his own path. That being said, they still are on good terms. Throughout the years, Azoth developed an insanely good talent as an assassin/ranger. He learn to control his bloodline trait, manipulating peoples emotions and toying with their state of mind, allowing him to move around seamlessly unnoticed traveling the world honing his skills. In the 1600's Azoth was hired by a Mekhet Prince located in Egypt. He spent a good two or three hundred years serving as the "hound" to many powerfully individuals. That is where he earned the Nickname "Night Angel" or "The Guardian" in the Mehket Clans. During his time with the Mehket clans he slowly changed, adopted their bloodline being able share memories and thoughts through close bonds and blood ties. To his Embraced Clan "Deava" they know him as "The Shadow". Azoth is skilled and extremely proficient with a bow, daggers, and one or two shortswords.

Personality: Azoth is calm tempered and very composed. He comes off as serious at first but when he gets comfortable around people his comedic side comes out and he can hold a conversation with just about anyone. Through-out his times he has lost any trace of racism or hate toward any particular group. He loves and is always eager to learn new things. Has good charisma, partly due to his Duchagne bloodline but mostly he just enjoys being around people. Azoth is also super analytical and usually over analyzes simple things because of it.

Hair: Long Shoulder length Dark Brown, either brushed back casually or in a loose ponytail
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Wears mostly leather garments with a fitted, hooded leather trench coat. Carries knives on his belt and one in each boot. A short sword strapped to his back along with a bow and quiver of arrows.

The Part we enter for the story is what I call his last mission with the Mekhet nobles. Here is the idea i have.. (( the reason its such a short story im covering is for a short comic that i am doing so i want the focus to be on one segment. ))

Azoth is hired for a mark but is set up by the group of assassins he commonly works with. or by the people that hired him. ( this is all malleable and can be changed) He finds himself at a masquerade ball . He is disguised in the party so as not to draw attention to himself. He does socialize but not in a way to attract attention. just the simple hellos and how do you do's. Then he notices a fellow assassin and then another. and then another. His confusion starts to mess with him, as he was supposed to be the only one on the job. Then he ends up bumping into one who then recognizes him and the rest of the assassins start to move in on him. Feeling surrounded Azoth springs upward onto a high beam to get a better look at the picture. One of the assassins instead of pursueing him grabs an innocent woman. Knowing that Azoth had an aversion to killing or harming innocent people let alone women they were able to coerce him outside to a courtyard. Azoth trys to find out what the meaning of all this was, but all to late figures out that he was the target from the beginning. All hell breaks loose and azoth is on the loosing end getting the s**t kicked out of him but he is determined to continue at all costs. then something crazy thats out of his hands like lightning strikes down one of the assassins stunning the assassins in disbelief
giving him just the gap in time to kill a few to make the odds more even.

I am open to changes in the story, and how it happens.
Let me know what you think or if you would like to help I would love it.

Thanks for the help and support in advance.
Well I dont think I'm going to get anywhere on this. I have what I think will be good. This thread is closed. If you do want to work on this or similar projects like this with me just send me a PM.

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