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Dangerous Hunter

"It seemed like I woke up each morning wanting the same thing..."
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Fashionable Prophet

"Even the gods are small in a constellation of stars like this, my dear."
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Hilarious Lunatic

"Selfless? There's no such thing as selfless. Humans are selfish beings. Everything you do is for a reason for yourself. The man who volunteers for a nursery? To make him feel good about himself. The girl giving up everything to be with the one she loves? So that seeing him will make her happy. Whether it be for one's own happiness, career, or to give oneself a piece of mind...it is ALL selfish. "
"There is a thing about keeping secrets that can do so much to you. Keeping them. Burying them. Swaying away every single ounce of truth and trying to disguise them is such a hard task. They weigh you down. They taunt you with their malice, however innocent you think they are. And sometimes, even if people see the hard deceit you try to exhibit, they don’t say anything. Sometimes people just grow tired of caring. "
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"You're a bad flatterer, Mr. Photographer."
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She’d never solved a murder on a dark and stormy night, and quite frankly never would, since her office hours were 9 to 5.

---♥ B u n n i M e d i c ♥---

makes me think of an office woman that has an interest in mysteries...
like some kind of comedy mystery crime story?

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Hilarious Lunatic

You're so disgusting, even the ants and maggots won't come for you after you've died.
This was actually my Facebook status today, because I actually had this dream last night. I think this would make a great piece of dialogue if I had a story it could fit into.

You know what sucks? Dreaming about your ex, and in the dream he's this hero that saved the whole country from a zombie attack. I had this exact dream last night. Everyone's cheering over him and I'm like "No, you know what? I know this guy and he's not the type of person who could single-handedly bring about a glorious end to the Apocalypse. He's far more likely to be the first to get killed. Mostly because I would be feeding him to the zombies."
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Cold Shapeshifter

"We're all gonna die!"
"No I'm not."
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Floppy Genius

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"Oh s**t."
oh my god i am laUGHING

most beautiful line ever emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
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Floppy Genius

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This has no place anywhere but hopefully it will soon enough:

"It was the way frost mixed with her breath & light caught in her eyes, the way she smiled so innocently yet had a tongue of sharp iron, the warmth of a kitten & the ability to cure my wanderlust; all of it was the reason why my knife was buried hilt-deep into her chest."
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Shy Lunatic

That would make for a very pretty splat.

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