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smutty cannibal prince
Horror and Satire
"Did he say anything?"
"Strange, that doesn't sound like him."
"He was gagged, actually."
"...that's him alright."

can i adopt this little convo, please?
it's simply so perfect. been struggling all day to come up with something to write about, and then BAM this shows up and gives me a whole idea. c:

Yes, you can.
And thank you whee
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"...Why has Cale been standing there, poking himself for the passed 15 minutes?"

"He said he was trying to find his, 'Give a ********' button."


"So like...if a guy had sex with an ATM machine and the ATM machine got pregnant, would the kids be half human, half ATM? Or would they just...you know, be little calculators or something? And more importantly, would the guy have to pay child support, or would the ATM already have that covered?" -Me (After finding out about that guy who got arrested for attempting to have sex with an ATM. No. I'm not lying.)


"My Teddy bear was molested by a furry once...Understandably, he doesn't like to talk about it." -A friend of mine


"Oh, Micheal Jackson's ghost is out there somewhere. It's just invisible because he couldn't get any paler." -That same friend of mine

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