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Here's a real situation. Let me set it up. I'm Wiccan and, therefore, Pagan. A while back we were doing some background notes on the Anglo-Saxans in English. When the teacher asked us this tell her what Pagan ment one guy piped up with, "People who sacrafice goats and worship Satan." Naturally, I had a reaction to this. Namely, I hit my desk and gave him a long hard stare. After class I had to explain this to him. Here's past of the convo I will never forget.

Guy: So, you don't worship Satan?
Me: I don't believe in Satan.
Guy: So, you're an atheist?
Q. May I have permission to dissect your eyebrow?

A. You'll ruin your suit if you do.
Pain is an odd sensation. It's not like I'm a machoist or anything, but I keep trying to figure it out.

These are the sort of things you write because it has a ring to it... not because it makes any sense. xp
This is actually in my sig

Its not the edge of the blade, nor the skills of the warrior, but the unity between them that makes the perfect night.

What it means is, if you were really good at a shooting game or a racing game and you get another which is a different style, your not going to be good at it until you practice.


An man is perfectly skilled at using a sword, you give him an axe and he has to practice with it and bring unity between them


You might think your good at that, but this is different.

I came up with that in school
"Your voice is like a sharp pencil shoved into my ear."
get on ur knees and blow chunks!!!

dont ask i find it funny rofl
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"Thread carefully, we are surrounded by tall monks."

sweatdrop I like tall monks.
Cry; cry unto the night, for there, one will find acceptance.
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I've got some good ones.

Removing the mask of humanity, I stand in my true form.
"Queen of the rusty wires, King of the pots and pans."

(That one came about from me finding a circlet of rusty wire on the ground and "crowning" myself with it.)

Guy 1: So this is how it goes: I am a GENIUS! And all the rest of you are idiots. So... I say "guava" and mime handing a guava to the idiot. And then the idiot says...
Idiot 1: What?
Genius: Guava!
Idiot 1: Thank you! *accepts the guava and turns to idiot 2* Guava!
Idiot 2: What?
Idiot 1: *turns back around to ask Genius* What?
Genius: Guava!!
Idiot 1: Thank you! *turns to idiot 2* Guava!
Idiot 2: Thank you! *turns to idiot 3 and offers the imaginary guava* Guava!
Idiot 3: What?
Idiot 2: What?
Idiot 1: What?
Genius: GUAVAAAA!!!

Repeat ad nauseum with increasing numbers of idiots.
This is actually a fairly well-known game in Taiwan middle/high schools. xd
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"I would write you a sonnet but I can't find anything that rhymes with ignoramus."

"Heh, seems like Curiousity's blade isn't just reserved for cats."

Guy 1: My little brother is such an immature brat!
Guy 2: With you as an example, I'm not surprised.
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These are mostly quotes from shows, with a couple from my lunch room mayhem thrown in. I like them, and plan on working them into my own story, somehow, some time soon.

Me: "Orchard, I want you to take it out of your pants and give it to me now."
Petry: "Yeah Orchard she wants what you've got in your pants" *winks*
Orchard: "Out here, in the cafeteria? In front of all these people?"
Me: *evil glare* "Would you like for me to retrieve it myself? I promise you I won't be gentle in gettting it."
Howard: "Crys, you can have what's in my pants."
Me: "You don't have what I'm wanting."
Issacs: "No I've got what she wants."
Me: *pounces on Issacs* "My MOUNTAIN DEW"

"Life's a journey (Clark); I don't wanna go through it following a roadmap."

"I plan on being great all by myself."

"Relax. Failing isn't something I do."

"You see, in life the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch."

"Disappointed I'm not basking in the fires of hell?"
See Siggy

"When you're rich, you're not crazy. You're eccentric."

"In the future, let's restrict our conversations to "hello" and "goodbye"."

"Reality continues to ruin my life."
Calvin & Hobbes

"Karmatically b***h slapped by a six armed goddess."
Gentry, fourth lunch line

"Hello, can we get with the program? It's still a small world down here."
Little Mermaid II

"What's it going to be, life as worms or two minutes as heroes?"
Little Mermaid II

"What are you going to do, throw the crab at me?"
Little Mermaid II

"You fear too much."

"It's not a matter hope, but rather a matter of time."
Matrix Reloaded

"The world was a tomb to me."

"Where would you go? Even if you could manage to get the money out of the casino, you're still in the middle of the ******** desert!"
Ocean's 11

"We got to well funded."
"Got to be nuts too."
Ocean's 11

"Be nice to work with proper villians again."
Ocean's 11
"I'm the moron? You're the one writing KICK ME on the back of your own shirt!"
ok mines on my siggy
"I not dumb... your just smarter than me!" another one of my favorites

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