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drugs arn't that bad oh except heroin that ell mess you up but anyway did you ever pick up the sugar for kool-aid
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"And....Takeoff! Oh, no!"


"Nothing. Just wanted to see if you really panic..."
"Deep beyond the grave lurks the faith that life can be grand; when death is with your lover it's remarkably special. Yet love itself can cause the demise of your lover, and in the end we're all like Romeo and Juliet." -me
"Just when you think you've finally hit the bottom,
someone tosses you a shovel."

OMG!@ I love it
Don't look in the mirror, you'll just want to beat the s**t out of the face you see inside it.
~ Pass me that monkey.
~ Hand me that piano.
~ O.K. but not me.
~ Get your feet out of the silverware drawer!
~ Please cut off my legs.
~ The ACVTVM in the CMS is NFG.
~ May your surfaces equal your dives.
~ Neo-Bruce-Monkey-Dog-Boy!

Some of these have actually been said. Hehehe. razz
That second line..........Sounds like something out of a War Book/Movie...

But that is just me
Huh? Of mine? confused question
"can a heart break, once its stopped beating?"
Hmm........ That's a very good question. wink
I don't think it technecally can. But if you're a ghost or something maybe. confused neutral Hmmm..........
"Yes curiousity did kill the cat, BUT you have to remember that the cat has nine lives."
That's a AWSOME one! Hehehe. Good job. biggrin

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