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These play as scenes in my head, but scenes for what, I don't know. I should keep them on a notepad and use them someday.

"This stinks worse than a beached Nessie with crotch rot."

"1: So in conclusion, Iíve realized that the truly sane are the ones who suffer the most - for having the clearest of minds makes you unable to ignore half the things one minds.

2: Are you suggesting to lose oneís mind?

1: Do you mind losing one?

2: Well, now that you bring it up, Iíve never really thought about it.

1: Of course you havenít...which I guess means Ďtis a pointless question anyway."

This actually happened while my friend and I were talking in Japan after arriving back home from the local manga store in Numazu:
"1: You bought porn? I never thought you were the porn type.
2: Well, you know how you're in Australia, and you just have to get a boomerang?"
Sonar Dream
Some man say they have seen angels,
but I have seen thou, and thou art enough.
- Unknown

Does anybody know who wrote that quote?

"Other men said they have seen angels,
But I have seen thee
And thou art enough."
George Moore

It's a very sweet thought. Another line from my "collection" of lines that have no place to go:
You don't want to do that, trust me. Barring that, however, warn me before you do that so that I have time to get far, far away.

I have one that's very funny (for me at least), but I'm sure I can post it here. It may have more than a PG-13 rating.
theres one in one of my signatures mrgreen
Laverne Terres
"Oh s**t."

xD love it
I'm always writing lines or scenes that don't fit anywhere... I'll try and find some for you in a minute.
Like the sinfully delectable sweet yanked from the excpecting devil's hands on Hallowe's Eve; the knife sled swiftly towards its mark.

Genuises are messy, but just because you are messy doesn't mean your a genuis.

Have you traveled the world to see the sights, but have never stoped to smell the roses.

Two things I have told my friends about me being lazy. mrgreen
"I seem to have left it in my other pants."

"i will take great pleasure in extracting your soul from your body"

"the only way to know a man's true intention is to read their mind, but only i can do that, so who can be sure of mine?"

I like the mind reading one
Im really bored
"In the land of ffter there is no limits to time or space, just your own thoughts."
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had

It's actually not my line, it's from Mad World by tears for fears...but I love it
Im really bored

Okay................thanks for sharing
Evil is live spelled backwards
Yet Good is one o more than God.
Who says we can't be both?

Death can be a glorious thing it means we're are gone from life's trials and pain, but it's the journey that makes life worth living.

Life and Death like Good and Evil and Hate and Love are two sides of the same coin.

Fear is the ultimate form of misunderstanding.

Just random thoughts I had one day...
"When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm very good."

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