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I enjoy this way too much :3

"If someone breaks your heart, punch them in the face. Seriously. Just punch them in the face and get some ice cream."

"Screw those starving kids in Africa. Because of them I have to eat my broccoli."

"Why do people with nasty breath feel the need to talk to me all the time?"

"Am I the only person who always wanted to try a krabby patty."

"Tell the internet to let me sleep."
"Alright. Mr.Internet, Nikko hasn't slept in two days. Please stop being so amusing."
"....It didn't listen."

"Unless you're my best friend, I will not acknowledge that I know you on the weekends. Instead, I will probably kick you. Leave."
"We gotta have something interesting happen before we get bored and quit!

"There was a zombie outside, but I took care of it. Now it's in the basement rotting."

"Oh, I will never get tired of my sounding out ways."

"Okay. Okay don't hate me, but I was lying when I said I was sleeping when you were changing. I was watching." ((I am a roleplayer. Do not doubt the strangeness of my quotes.))

"You weren't supposed to hear that."

"You mean she's dead."

"Are you guys FIGHTING?"
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'i wish that i wa a bird so cold fly, soar free in the open skys, lay on a cloud and just close my eyes, feel the wind beneath my wings, not to mention how lovely birds sing'
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This is when a friend of mine and I are at a "fake" rodeo

Friend: *sneezes*
Me: Are you allergic to b.s.?
Friend: Yes, I can't come home.
Shared Laughter. sa
"Life is full of moments of sudden awareness. Moments of understanding. Moments of "OH". Not just a normal "oh" as one might say at finding out the next day's weather, but a large "OH", a mighty "OH". An "OH" that changes the way the thinker views things. The "OH" that changes everything. It usually does so by revealing an obvious truth that you then feel idiotic for misinterpreting. Rightly so."

(I actually have a whole document full of random things like this xd )
"Don't advert your eyes! PAY ATTENTION!"
"I never wanted to kiss someone so badly."
"Then why don't you?"
"You know why, Andy. It's complicated."

"It doesn't matter to me. I don't care who you were or what you did. I don't care about who you hurt. Your past, it's irrelevant to me. All I care about is now. Right here, right now, this is what's real. You and me. I just want you. You're mine, and anything else would be just terrible. Just, all I ask for is that you keep me with you. Don't leave me, and I'll never give a damn about what happened. I just love you, Andy. Not who you were, but who you are, and who you're going to be. I'll always love you."

"You're just jealous!"
"Who cares?! I'm not interested in lying about how I feel! I love Nikko, and I don't care who knows it! I was in love with her from the moment I met her! And you, Andy, you just swooped in and stole her! And yes, Andy, I'm not ashamed that I'm jealous. I'M JEALOUS! I'm jealous that you have the girl of my dreams! Go brag about it! Go ahead! Tell them! It's better if they all know the truth anyways!"
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"How could you do this?!" She screamed, her voice breaking. She collapsed to her knees, every muscle in her body clenched in anger and betrayal. "I trusted you! I trusted you!"
He drew his gun, leveling it at her forehead, eyes cold.
"What an unfortunate mistake," he told her, and fired.
“One’s a lonely number, two’s the first loser.
So how the ******** can you win? Become a drug abuser”
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"Now is a good time to question my sanity".

Yeah, that line came up sometime when I was writing my fanfiction, but then I restarted writing my fanfiction because I changed the plot a little, and then I couldn't find a place to fit that line in, so I just put it in at the bottom paragraph..:/
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"They look, but they do not see. How can one expect to know a thing about the world if they cannot see it?"
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"Tell the internet to let me sleep."
"Alright. Mr.Internet, Nikko hasn't slept in two days. Please stop being so amusing."
"....It didn't listen."

I love that!
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"I am a creature consumed by envy. No... I am a creature driven by envy, to consume all."
"When life gives you bread, make toast" (my own quote)

*phone call*
Jon: Why yes Brenda, I do love animals. I consider myself a small woodland creature!
*hands up*
Jon: Brenda says she doesn't date weasels.
Garfield: Smart girl.
(we all know where Garfields from)
Here's me being horrible and mocking Suicide Awareness Day around my friends:

"And there's other more productive ways to stop sucide. Like someone's whos considering suicide is gonna be all 'YELLOW IS MY FAVE COLOR LOL DERP' and not kill themselves."

"We could just kill them all. That would reduce suicide rates. AMERICA: WE KILL YOU BEFORE YOU CAN"

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