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OK, so I was at prom last week with a bunch of friends and one of them had a really long dress, that dragged on the floor.

Someone stepped on it and it came down! She was wearing a freakin' corset and boxers, i was like "XD, nice!"
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Haha. xD Talk about bad luck.

I'm questing 100 signs.
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OMG, if that were me I'd be sooooo embarrassed....but that would be kinda funny. XD
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why was a girl wearing boxers in the first place??
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lol! I would be danceing in the corest and boxers! shes alright *thumbs up*
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Poor girl...
why was a girl wearing boxers in the first place??
I wear boxers sometimes. ;]

Poor girl indeed...
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My mom shortened my prom dress so that only about four inches were dragging on the ground instead of the initial six or more. But i always noticed when someone had stepped on it. I also stayed away from large groups of people. like up by the DJ station.
Well..thats lucky she had boxers, my friend wore absolutely nothing under her dress. It didnt fall down or anything, but it could have been pretty bad if it did.
LOL sucks to be her, good choice to wear something underneath. lol
at my prom last week there was a girl who wore a long dress like that and I stepped on it at least twice
I felt so bad because it was really pretty, but at the same time I was annoyed that she would wear such a long dress in the middle of the dance floor.
lol, that's awsome. XD
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At my prom, I remember that I accidentally stepped on this girl's dress. It wasn't that long, but she was really mad, because she said that that was the second time that someone stepped on her dress crying I said that I was really sorry, but what made it really bad was that I had to sit next to her on my table sweatdrop
Lol I had my dress stepped on a few times...infact theres two holes in the top layer.
The worst part is one of the holes was made by my headteacher (he managed to step on it, but not the bottom, oh no, he put his foot through the middle of the top layer)

At least it didnt come down though xd

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