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After prom, I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to keep my corsage... I told him it was because the flowers were dyng (D: they were turning brown), but it was more because I didn't want my parents to question it, since they don't know I have a boyfriend yet. Later that night I kind of wanted it back, mainly because I figured out how I could save it..

Then the next morning he calls me and told me that his parents found that he kept the corsage and said to him that it was kind of messed up and that we had better not be getting closer if I didn't want to keep my corsage. I feel pretty horrible now...

It's not that the corsage really mattered; I mean, to me it was pretty material. What really matters to me is that I got to spend a wonderful night with my boyfriend and that he's there in my life. smile Now I want it back though... What's really bothering me is that I made a bad impression on his parents. Making a good impression is important to me, especially to my boyfriends' parents and to know that I made a bad one on them is just killing me. sad
Well your first mistake was not telling your parents you had a boyfriend.
His parents should have minded their own damn business.
Brown nosers...
you should haveat -least- told you parents you had a date. stare

Who caresifth lowers were turning brown, its what they do. keep the damned thing for memories. I still have my lame-o corsage from a prom over 5 years ago
Nice corsages aren't cheap. ^^;;
I'm sure (since HIS parents knew he had a date) his mother helped pick it out. His parents probably helped with the bill for the night. Giving it back was very rude. I can see why they're upset.

Maybe you can make it up by proving in some other way that you really do know proper etiquette.
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I actually kept my corsage. I'm not even with the guy I went to prom with anymore. I ended up getting back with my previous boyfriend of many years and am still with him now. XD But, the guy I went I'm still sort of friends with, and he did a great job of picking out a corsage. It matched my prom dress perfectly, and was just so beautiful I had to keep it. So it's still sitting in my refrigerator, several years after prom. XD The flowers are a bit brown and wilted, but it's still pretty and I don't wanna throw it away. Funny thing is, the guy acted so goofy at prom that his boutineer actually fell apart... It pretty much broke in half about halfway through prom. rofl He did not keep his.

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