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Okay, I know some people don't believe in curses but I am a Prom Curse. My Junior Prom, I was in love with this jock who everyone told me to take to the prom... I went to an all girl school so we had to ask our prom dates. Anyway, I did and he accepted. I barely knew him but I was honored that he said yes and I was estatic. Well, the day of the prom I waited for 2 hours for my date to show. Apparently he went to the gym, worked out and fell asleep. Didn't set the alarm and shows up at my house in a white tank and black pants with no belt. No tuxedo!!! No flowers!! oh, and no car he came on his motorcylce!!! My dad was livid but I was so determine to go to my prom that I jumped on the bike with my long prom gown on and YES, by the time we arrived to the event not only were we late and our seat was given away BUT I LOOKED LIKE CRAP!!! During the dancing portion of the prom, my date chose to dance with everyone but me. When the prom ended he tried to french kiss me good night and feel me up. It was the worst night of my life OR SO I THOUGHT until Senior Year.

Senior Year I decided not to go to the prom... no sense repeating my first mistake. But my best friend wanted to go and her date wouldn't go without his best friend. So, I asked the BF and this time the guy showed up on time, had on a tuxedo, gave me flowers and was a true gentleman. During the dinner portion of the prom he left the table to go to the bathroom and never returned. I went looking for him only to find him in the parking lot making out with HIS GIRLFRIEND. When she saw me at the entrance looking in their direction she came running at me full speed and knocked me down. The next thing I knew I was seeing stars and feeling blood running from my nose. The girl kept hitting me until her boyfriend (my prom date) pulled her off and carried her away. As I made my way back into the Prom, my best friend came up to me to tell me that my date had a very jealous girlfriend... could've told me that piece of information before I asked the dude. My best friend was very apologetic and helped me clean up. My prom date came up to me to apologize and just as he was talking to me his girlfriend jumped me from behind. Again, I was down on the ground having the s**t kicked out of me. This time the Principal was called to my rescue and had the girlfriend escorted off the premises and her boyfriend (my now ex-prom date) was asked to leave. Since my prom date drove all of us to the Prom we no longer had a ride home and I had to call my Dad to pick me up. That was the WORST NIGHT of my life and when I realized that I was a PROM CURSE.
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Wow... What eventful proms.
okay, i feel sooo sorry for you right now. That had to be the worst!!! If that happen to me i would like.. ward off guys forever o_o but then again xD i have bad enough luck with guys that it just might xD so i shouldn't jinx myself o_o
Wow. that's incredibly scary ><
o.o That girlfriend sounds insane. What happened to her?
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Lord! I hardly think any of that was your fault, though. That's terrible.
o.o That girlfriend sounds insane. What happened to her?

So true, did she get expelled or something?
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Sounds much worse than mine, I just went alone. Guys are tough
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Good god...

That it's surely one of the worst prom night i have ever read in this whole subforum.
I didn't go to my prom itself, but a friend told me the DJ was rubbish, but to top it off, everyone was weighed down because a girl in my year, who had cancer for a good few years and rarely went to school, died that morning.
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thats so sad.

i feel so sorry for you.
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I so can't believe that~!

That girlfriend is insane...

I suppose you better not go to Proms ever again!
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What a freaking psycho! o__O And as if she didn't dump his a** for going to prom with another girl while they were going out. That's insane.
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O_O Made me so glad I didn't go to my Graduation Ball. Besides, that girlfriend should have been wailing on the guy rather than on you. Crazy heifer.

Turns out I didn't miss much. My friends who did go said it was boring, and quite a number of the other girls ended up pregnant. They didn't return for 6th form that September.
thats so sad.

i feel so sorry for you.

I spoke to her a few times, but we were never in the same class.

At the school I went to the year group was divided into two bands. I was in Band 1, she was in Band 2, but my best friend in primary school was in her class, that's how I met her.

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