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My junior year I went without a date. BIG MISTAKE. All of my friends had dates, so I pretty much just sat there bored all night by myself. My senior year, the guy I went with was just a friend, but he was also about 6 inches shorter than me. I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal 'till I tried to dance with him. It was just hard! THEN, me and my best friend wanted to do the pre prom thing together (pictures, dinner, etc.) but the guys took over and she ended up having to hang out with a friend of her boyfriend's and his date, whom she hated, and I ended up going to freaking church on my prom night. scream I'm not even christian! when I asked where we were going to dinner, he just kept saying "it's a surprise." surprise is right! BAD SURPRISE. I shoulda known better than to just go with it. but yeah, we ended up going to church for dinner. it freaking sucked. THEN, when we got to the dance, he ran off and hung out with a bunch of his other friends, whom I hated, and I once again just pretty much sat there alone all night. stare

The guys never helped the suckiness of prom. I sure knew how to pick 'em in high school. rolleyes My junior year I asked this guy that I had the major hots for. He told me he couldn't go cuz he was grounded. HE LIED. Turns out he threw a big 'ol party that night, he just didn't want to go with me apparently. emo He coulda just freakin told me that! My senior year, I asked this other guy that I really liked and he said his parents wouldn't let him go...only he never asked his parents. Why did they have to lie? did they not just have the balls to say no? needless to say, I was quite pissed at these guys for quite some time. evil

My best friend and I keep saying we're going to redo prom ourselves someday and we're not gonna let the guys plan it. Now that she got knocked up and had a kid and all I doubt that's gonna ever happen, but it's nice to think about.

Here's hopin my Gaia prom experience goes much better than my real ones. dramallama
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I was just dissappointed at the fact that, after prom I could've gone to a great afterparty. But instead I stayed with my friends and we ended up playing cards.


Guess the name of my prom date?

John Tucker. XD~

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My senior ball (coz we call them balls in New Zealand) date stood me up. And he didn't even tell me he wasn't coming. He texted my friend and told her, and I only found out when she came and told me, which was after I had spend ages waiting for him outside. In the rain. Jerk... scream
My first prom, I wnt with my just recent ex (of seven years!) and it was fun then , but the next year I went alone because I was mad at him lol so yeah

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