My mom had the crazy idea to velcro my dress to my bra. And she put this like velcro patches all over the place. Ok so the purpose was so my dress, which was strapless, wouldn't fall. But then She put like three over the zipper..

So after the prom I went home to change so I could go to the after party..

Well I tried unzipping my dress and it wouldn't budge. I ended up falling over while trying to unzip it. Well my date, who was waiting for me, came in when he heard a bang..

He saw me bent over the bed with my hands over the zipper on my back. Lol, well anyway, I told him what happened and he had to take off the velcro that was on the zipper. I was so embarrassed because the whole time he was like, "Your too funny.." And, "I wouldn't of tried anything..."