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Senior Prom: Junior class responsible for raising money to hold prom decided they couldn't be farked. Prom was this close to being a boombox in the school parkinglot.
Theme: Hawaiian Paradise. I sure as hell didnt' vote for it.
Location: The Elks Lodge. Quite possibly the smallest rentable space in town.
Decorations: Cheesy as hell. Ran around telling everyone I got "leid" at prom.
Outfit: Cost me under twenty bucks. Still have it. Thank god my sewing skills have improved since then.
Friends: All pissy, all not speaking to eachother. Two friends wearing same dress, one thinks it's funny while the other threatens to do something drastic unless first friend returns her dress and gets something else.
Date: Nonexistant.
Music: pathetic. Damn DJ just looked at me like I was retarded when I asked for The Time Warp.
Raffle: I got a certificate for free tanning. O_o If you knew me, you'd know why this is an insult. Me, the more-gothickly-porcelan-pale-than-thou sun-avoidant social pariah. My malibu-Barbie-tanned-uber-weight-conscious friend got free McDonalds food. We swapped. *lol*
Crush: No show.
a** Grabs: I soooo lost count.

So there we were, in this teeny, cramped little building with a dancefloor that was NOT meant for the crowds of people that showed up. The tables were pretty, and the tiki torches looked very pretty against the night sky outside the windows... and yes, the view of the golf course was rather posh... but prom itself was a HOT MESS. Me trying to talk to my former best friend, she treating me like I'm dog poo on her sandal. No boys want to dance with me, no sir. Everyone wanting to leave early because it sucked so hard. And yeah, all my pictures made me look like a two dollah whore. *lol* My bodice straps kept falling down, my hair was tousled, and my lipstick was such a constrast to the porcelain hue of my skin... heh. But my outfit was rather creative. smile I had a black bodice that was beaded around the edges paired with a long flowy georgette skirt in shades of dusky purple and navy blue. I had a hand-beaded choker, velvet high-heel sandals that were soooooo comfortable, and a velvet coffin-shaped purse. I was going to wear my spiderweb stockings, but I couldnt' find 'em. *lol*