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Altough the face looks distorted just a slightest bit. Feel free to disagree with me.
Thank you for your critique! Distorted as in incorrect placement of features/proportions? If so, what looks off to you? If it's structurally unsound that's definitely a problem I want to fix.
The face looks fine -- I don't know wtf he's talking about.

Reference both of those hands, first of all.

Apples generally have a reflective surface. Put some darks in the middle of that and shade it like a sphere.

I really like this. You're doing a great job smile
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I do agree that the face has something off. Its the far eye closest to her nose; the pupil placement is just slightly off but if you shift it over the slightest bit to the left and finish adding eyelashes it will look much better. Also references are what you need; your talent is pretty amazing and I really love this! I gathered some reference for you if you would like to take a look C:
Hand holding an apple
Other hand

Hope these references help!
Thank you for the critique! I actually have a reference for the hands and apple, but I tend to work on one part of the painting at a time and haven't been able to actually work on those parts yet. I used a reference for the overall pose, but not for the face, and I'm worried that the angle or placement is off. Does it look off to anyone else in any way? I'm considering putting in this portfolio for when I apply to schools, so please point out anything and everything, no matter how minor it is! I'll try to work more on the hands/apple this week and repost for some updated critique.

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