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The Art Apocalypse

...What Is This?

This is an Art Roleplay, whereas the story is built by pictures. Such examples are the ABR or the Avatar Roleplay Thread. This roleplay was moved since the original by Cole Dare was moved to the deeper recesses of the Word Games forum, and therefore did not make sense for an Art Roleplay. Since the WIP forum is home to make other Art Roleplays, why not resurrect it here?


Mortality. A fate that makes all men truly equal has been compromised by something as small and fragile as a virus. Initially developed as a cure for the mortal coil, the Z-vaccine was far from perfect. To compromise for the short failed effects of the treatment, pathologists endowed the virus with mutagenic qualities by making Toxoplasma eukaryotes carriers for the virus. It could then adapt within the organism quickly and effectively. And like any other biohazard event, things began to spiral out of control.

...Rules and Regulations

- Post with pictures, written text will be flagged as spam.
- Posting is rotational, meaning each participant takes turns to post. Do not cut off a participant who may not be as fast as you. It's quite rude.
-Respect the other participants.
-Don't advertise other threads.
-Do not quote images. If you want to quote, remove the image first from the quote brackets, then post, it works just as well for nofications.
-Try your best.
-And have fun with it!


-How do I enter?
---Just post your character with the context of other posts. For example if some characters are caught in a dogfight with zombie dogs, help them out, or help out the zombie dogs. Just integrate yourself into the story. biggrin And have fun with it.

-But what if my character is not a zombie and not human?
---That's fine! As long as you have a weapon of some sort anything can knock off some zombie heads! Just like Gaia, the zombie apocalypse has plenty of strange characters and creatures lurking around.

-If my opponent is a zombie/human but isn't a NPC, can I kill him/her?
---Just like in the ABR you can never "kill" another player. It's always up to the other player whether he/she stays dead or undead...

-Can I post right away and introduce my character?
{PM me for more questions}

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And so it begins.

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Jeez, someone calm him down.
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