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@Shashe: yarrr there's definitely a huge difference between the two in terms of convenience for starters. XD
SAI is a fairly simple program with limited tools (though it's all you may need to have when drawing digitally.)... But because it's too simple, some people tend to use photoshop after drawing from SAI. Therefore, SAI is a purely drawing-only software. I know alot of artists who draw with SAI and finish them up in photoshop... XD

@Xzaro: awwe okay. biggrin ... I only accept RL cash nao coz I ain't got much time to spare to spend in gaia. gonk
Ah! Thank-you for the info! I'm gonna look up this SAI. I'll try out the trail. =]
waaaah! ur artwork is so pretty!!!!! i couldnt help but to post here!! xD -ish jealous of ur art skillz-
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@Shashe: yes u shud definitely try it!

update: new commish WIP x_X
User Image
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omg omg omg

I think I just drew something super cute
User Image
Ohmigosh, youre so talented!

I use SAI, too. I absoloutely love it...
I know its no comparison, but this is my best work done using sai. n.n"
User Image

Yesh, so anyway. Loving your work! 4laugh
Ohmuhgawd that one is ADORABLE. x3
And, baBAM! Your anatomy makes SENSE! WOAH!
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w00ts thanks~

@Kariax: Well, that's a pretty good start^_^ ~ u just had to keep practicing with the tools and u'll be great at it in no time! w00t!
OMG you are so awesome. I Have paint tool said and a tablet.. the thing is i can draw i just cant edit, color, or anything! Can you please make a tutorial on youtube Im begging you you are the best. Not a how to draw, just a how to sketch, line, vector color and stuff since i cant do anything! even by watching some ( crummy vids and books) scream

Wow, your art is amazing! I want your skills. D: Will you record yourself drawing & coloring something and upload it on YouTube?
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I read and read all your posts and looks like SAI is really good P:
don`t know if I should try it too, I have PSCS2 but it was kinda painful so I ewas learning at opencanvas, even so for the version that I have is no tutos so...just learning and learning.

Love all the wips and obviusly all the draws done >w<
really really nice!.
wow that's cool!!!!!!!!!!! it's very nice!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin heart
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thanks all but I don't know if I should make a vid... I think it's quite pointless to do so... gonk

anyways, a new WIP!
User Image
this will not just be an ordinary drawing~ if u wait long enough you will see what this drawing is for... dang this WIP is like 5% of all the progress I've done with this work!!!
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yarrr new WIP for te new year
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