I've gotten somewhat skilled with a mouse, but it's too confining and well, not my hand, if you know what I mean. You definitely got the deal of a lifetime on that one though, I'm browsing for one and the good tablets start at 50 and go all the way to almost 80. I'm just wondering how I'll adapt to using it. It seems a bit tough, since I look at where my hand is to draw, and I assume I'll be looking at my monitor instead.

Anyway. great work and hope it's working out great for you!

It took me about a week (if even that) to really get adjusted to using my tablet. It might seem strange to look at the screen rather then where you're actually 'drawing', but it's so easy when you get used to it that it'll just be second nature. Think of a video game. You're looking at the screen when you play, not the controller. (In the event that you do not get used to looking at the screen, you can always get one of those tablets where it shows you what you're drawing on it's screen rather then the computer, but I think those are really expensive.)

Thank you! I hope to get the picture finished hopefully within a week. I'm on the lineart now which, after the sketch, is -usually- the most time consuming part for me. Then I can color in this bad boy and get it to my friend as a -late- birthday present. haha

Ha, yeah, Lineart always sucks to do crying but the game controller thing is a good idea. biggrin