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So, I'm trying to map this picture out still. And I'm unhappy with the composition? I don't know if the heroes should be smaller, or bigger than the villain. Or should they be the same size? I'm up for almost all suggestions and I'm pretty okay w/the idea of scrapping the people at the bottom but not the woman in blue.

I'll warn it's a large file.
edit: This is the second sketch that I started working on: x
(I posted this in the critique forum, cause I didn't see this one. oops)

So this is what I turned it in to?
Yay or nay?
Anything else I should change?
Thanks in advance
Your composition is pretty static. There's no movement and as far as I can see it's just a bunch of poses slapped together. If you want your protagonists overwhelmed by w/e villan they're facing, this is one way to go about it.
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It's still a standard static image but it's a lot more interesting to the eye and tells more about the story.

I would try and explain more but my brain is mush atm so here's a link to a helpful resource on composition theory.
Thanks for ur input, I'm a little lost on what u were trying to say though haha.
But I started sketching again and ended up with this:

edit: I also changed the silhouette in the back to be larger and the wings to be spread out instead of up
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I think the final draft is almost there. If you made the poses of the two girls on the ends, the critter on the guy's shoulder, and the main girl in the back a little bit more dramatic it would really push the image to where it should be.
For example:
Critter- could be lifting itself a little taller on the guy's shoulder. His expression makes it seem as if he is watching something important, and usually things lean towards what they focus on.

Girl on left- She looks pretty relaxed, so maybe just make her look more at rest rather than standing at an awkward angle. I'm also a bit confused as to what she's doing is her hands... perhaps tweak them or make them hold the sword in a more natural way.

Girl on right- For her I think if she leaned a tad bit farther out it would make a more believable pose, and perhaps add her other arm on her hip or bent at her side so that it doesn't just disappear.

Girl behind- Arch her back and bring her shoulders back a tad, like shes pushing her chest out. Not to over glorify her great chest, but to show a bit more power behind her stance. A powerful woman should be able to give some hint to her power in her posture, and it will give a little bit more movement into the image.

I hope this was helpful!
The second one out of the three there ehh like most of it best but think the angle thing looks to much like an octopus. I also like e third one with the distance and etc it's nice haha

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