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So, I need some critique since no one in my god forsaken boony town knows anything about art or the subject in general.So I thought I'd post my stuff up here for some critique.


Zip, ziltch, and nada. Break me bash me, say what first comes to mind. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I think it's very improbable that harsh criticism could kill...unless your thin skinned. Which I am not. I would ,however, like for it to be valuable. Like, don't say, "This is unrealistic," or ,"This sucks." Give me reasons why at least. And I swear to god if you tell me that the eye's are too big, I'll blam your a** straight to New Mexico. I'm looking for stuff like ,"___is off. You could fix it by___." Red lines are good and critique is much appreciated. And now, I release you from your chains of held back emotion and invite you to tear the skin off of my already too high artistic ego. (since I'm the only one in my town who knows what a freaking copic is, I get a lot of praise for my artistic talent...)

.::The Victims::.

Victim number one!
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This is my latest work. I don't have a tablet so I don't generally use my programs that much. This is a picture of a role play character that was just recently created. I tried to portray an easy going feel with the cool/neutral colors scheme. She's Egyptian so I tried to make her skin seem abnormally tan and give her the classic Pharaoh's eye makeup.

Victim numero dos!
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This was done for an anthro art request within the last month. I expect to get a lot of crap for this due to the fact that it's anthro...but I'm mainly looking for anatomy critique. This was also done with my precious copics and scanned in. If the colors seem faded, it's because my scanner sucks turd.

Victim sango!
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This was for an art trade in the last month or so. I'm looking for anatomy critique, once again.

Victim herhwo;riff (number four...but of course you all new that. Pshaw! )
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I tried this style out for a while but it didn't really work all that well. This was for an art store customer a couple months ago. I just want to know if you like the style or if the coloring is good.

Ictimvay umbernay ivefay!
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I did this for a contest that is in the process of judging. I like to say it's one of my better coloring and detail jobs but the anatomy and pose seem a little off.

Ran outta languages...HERE BE THE SIXTH!
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This was another art trade that I did. I surprised my self with the cross hatching but, once again, I'm not so sure about the anatomy...and yes, they are both men...*noms the sexy boots*

Just for fun, my amazing meme-fied science homework that got an F. XD
User Image
Sooooo many inside jokes...I just thought it'd be funny to look at. Astronomy is the s**t after all.

Well, thank you for your time and I hope you've revved up some nasty little comments. Happy smashing! ^^ And I'm spent. *throws camera at her computer*

P.S. I realize that I have quite a plethora of styles...it is both a plague and a blessing, but I would be very happy if I could get some pointers on how to set into a specific style. Pleas and thank you!
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I LOL'd big time at your last picture, oh your such a studious student. x]
Anyway, I'm only going to critique the first one, The only thing that bothers me is the feet. They are nubs with shoes!
OK =D here goes heart

Your First Chibi CG pic:
Your CG picture is nice and working without a tablet to color can be tough. The next time you go at it, even if it's a chibi picture, maybe you should consider more contrast. More shades of darkness and a slower change to light. If you use Photoshop or Paintshop Pro, I could happily PM you directions on how to do that in a few diffrent techniques heart As for the chibi's style, I like it a lot. You can't really take anatomy seriously with chibis, so style counts for everything and it's pretty nice.

Your Tranditional Medium Anthro pic:
I have to say I'm jealous. I wish I had copics and the marker skills you have. As for your anatomy, speaperatly all the parts are well well in porportion. Her spine, however seems a little weird, like if you were to hold that position it might hurt, which makes the whole pose and stance seem a little awkrawd.

Given the bent back pose, her head should not so easily go to the side like that. If you cover where her boobs are, you could easily think that it's a shot of her back and the problem lies in the lack of detail in the neck and how far the chin is over the shoulder. Given the costume and hair placement, I know you can't do much with the detail, but if you bend backwards and tr to move your chin over your shoulder, you can't help but to raise your chin where the viewer in this case would be able to see under her jaw a little. Since it's level like that it looks more like she's gently pulling her head from her neck.

The body, the arms, legs, everything is nice. You must put a great deal of time into it, it really shows. You have great anime style shapes and figures. heart

Your Third Devil Chick With a Halo:
The (our) right eye seems a little big, a little high and a little to the right. her hairline is also too high on the right side. Now, anatomy? Well, you have a certain lanky anime style, and where style is concenered, there's wiggle room as far as anatomy is concerned. In terms of basic anatomy, I feel her torso might be a little long, her over all stance a little shakey. I would like to see more substance, more muscle and curves, but again that's a matter of style prefrence, and not so much in anatomy. You have the basics down. You have it down real well. Again, it's a style thing. I think you should consider more pratical poses, ones that clearly show where weight is being placed and maybe some sor of indication of floor or surroundings. I can't really tell where she's putting her weight. The back leg is too bent and the front leg is too far out so i can only guess is she's moving, but how she's crouched down makes it look a little bit off.

I do really love that you varied your line thicknesses in this picture. It helps give the image depth and makes it more apealing to look at. I'll talk more about line thicknesses as we go on. heart

Your Colored Victim Number Four pic:
LOL I love this cartoony style very much. heart Again, I wish I had your fantastic skills of markers.

Pic Number five:
Nice nice nice coloring. And the pose is realistic, comfortable, nice and well executed. The (our) left eye might be a smidge too far to the left.. I love love love that you did something more substantial and realistic with your style and anatomy. She has curves, muscle detail, and your folds are great.

Now, her thong is shifted to the (our) right and doesn't quite go into her crack like a good thong. And without showing any hint of hands, I'm going to assume her hands are in the white, which makes the arms a little too short. From shoulder to elbow, that section seems a little long, then from elbow to end, it's only about the length of that section of arms without any hands. You have to make sure both upper and lower sections of arm are equal and length, then add the wrist and hand. The whole arms should be a tiny bit longer.

Very very very nice ink work. It's so so great to see someone working on doing it traditionaly, rather than reply on screens or digital textures to do it later. I think inking like that is pretty relaxing and... oh wait I'm rambling..

Anatomy: The guy in the back looks good. Which is a feat becuase usualy people have trouble with those obsucred with someone else. The guy in the front though has some minor anatomy flaws. Both sections of his arms aren't the same length. He wouldn't be able to touch his shoulders if he kept his arms to his sides. That's a good indicator. The same goes with his legs, his shins aren't quite the same length as his theighs.

Homework doodle:
OMG epic win =D heart

Final Thoughts?:
You have the hard part tough to get through parts of anatomy down. For that, do a happy dance =D Now, it's just down to style prefrence and the littler less hard things such as refining stances and overall drawing technique.

Stances, Poses, Center of Gravity - I don't know how you begin your figures, with the head, the face, circles or what, but I suggest starting with the head shape, then drawing a line for you spine. Know which leg is going to support the wight and how the body is going to balance together as a whole. Individualy, you have the nuts and bolts down. The head compared to the torso, the arms compared to it's self and the body, you have that. Now it's in how you balance it. Try striking the pose yourself before you draw it. You are your best refrence. Since you're aware of yourself, you'll feel how it will look as well as possibly see it in a mirror. =D

Lines - Typical thin anime lines, which is fine =D Again with the prefrence of style. However, line thickness variation can do so so soooo much for an image. Take a look at most ceral or marketing logos, they have diffrent thicknesses for the lines, as it goes around something smooth, like a preemptive shading technique. It helps move the viewer's eyes around a subject, telling them (and reminding you when you go to color) where the light is without hte need to actrually shade with lines or dots. It adds life and motion and depth and not enough people seem to want to try it. I think you would really benefit from it. Just think of how much your inked two guy pic would pop if you went back and in the areas of shadow, thickened those outlines. Give it a try!

I really wanna commend you for having the guts to openly ask for harsh critisism. That's what makes me wanna sit down and write out looooong boring reviews. heart You obviously love what you're doing and your asking for help lets me know my advice won't be wasted. heart Keep up the amazing work!
Let me just say... I love you for this! whee It's so rare that anyone has such a great attitude as you about critique and I applaud you for stepping up to the plate like this. Bravo!

Your art is actually really great and I don't know how much advice I can give you because I can't boast myself as being a better artist than you are. I'm also not great with words... I have a very difficult time explaining concepts of perspective. But I'll try, because I can't resist a call to arms like this! I hope you don't mind an overload of redlines!

User Image
There's not a lot to be said about this one because it's a very lovely, stylistic chibi. That said, ironically, her left eye (from our POV) is actually too small. I feel like her head is facing us too much for her eye to be thrown into such a squinted perspective. I also feel like the center of her face - the "nose bump" - is a little off-center. The hair at the top that goes backward should face out, since we're not looking at her face from the side.

A stylistic suggestion rather than an actual problem is that I'd love to see actual feet there. The way they just sort of become nubs bothers me. It's your decision since it's a style thing but I really think it'd work better.

I understand that you don't have a tablet and so it's hard to color and ink your drawings, but the inking is very rough - almost like it was smaller and then resized to be bigger - and the colors on her shirt and jeans feel very airbrushed. I normally wouldn't even mention this because it's a small issue but since this is an all-out critique I really do recommend you practice digital painting' rather than airbrushing.

User Image
This is one of those tricky pictures where you look at it and think "well, it looks pretty good" but then once you start really taking it apart piece by piece it stops making sense. Ultimately I would really just start over with a new sketch of this because the posture is over-extended and the position would ache, but the picture is already finished. razz

Her one leg is twisted - ouch!! Turn that knee outwards! Her other leg is very thin. She's missing a pelvis. Her arm is too long. Her other arm is too short. Her tail is too high on her back. And - ouch ouch OUCH - her neck is snapped and she's bound to fall over dead at any second!

You made a very dynamic, interesting picture with an interesting character, but lost control of the perspective and proportion.

The colors are very pretty though. I'm hella jealous - I can't color with markers at all. razz

I just got handed a piece of pizza so I better go eat this, but I'll be back to do the rest in a few minutes. heart
Hmm. Pizza just made me feel a bit delirious and sleepy.

User Image

I shortened her torso. A lot. Eep, Slinky girl! In my pizza-fog state I forgot to shorten her (our) right leg, but it should be shorter because it looks like her left leg is much longer because of perspective right now. You gave her a too-small eye again... xd I actually used to do the opposite and give 3/4ths girls a 2nd eye that was much too big. And her forehead was much too short.

You lost perspective again with that wing. It looks like it's growing out of her shoulder. Pull it in a bit. For that matter, she has very thin shoulders. 3nodding

I want you to really, really think about what that right arm is doing. Where is it going? Even before I shortened her torso it wasn't really connecting with the staff. And ouch, again, what an uncomfortable position she must be in to be sticking it so far behind and out from her back! Try putting your arm in that position; it isn't very fun at all. I think it'd be much more natural if it were more like this:

User Image

Obviously not the best execution of the concept, but hopefully it's good enough to illustrate the idea. (Oh, and look, I brought that back leg up... Isn't that a bit better?)

I'm so tired. Alright. I'm going to go to bed, I'll come back tomorrow to see if there's anything else I can add. smile I can definitely say that your marker coloring is really superb and I love the styles you play around with. #4 is delightful. #5 is really stunning. And... fard it, I just yawned again. Goodnight!
Thank you all sooooo freakin' much for this critique! :'D It's exactly what I was looking for!

Although I was aware of a lot of the things you guys pointed out, I do have some explanations and comments about your guys' posts.

-The reason her lines look so crappy is because I tried scanning it in and the turned out like that. They look very different in real life and I'm VERY pissed off at my scanner for screwing it up. >( But I do realize that my lines are still flat. I've tried doing the whole thicker at points thing, but I always ended up making the pic look really blotchy.
-About her feet...I hate them too. -_-;; They don't normally look that retarded when I draw them on other chibis but I think they turned out bad because of her shoes...either that or I just have a funky style. XD Witch is probably the reason.

-Oh God! You guys made me realize how much it would suck to be in that pose! XD I tend to either over do or under do the exaggerations on the poses...this was obviously an over do. A lot of the stuff that looks off in this was done because I tried to ink it and my hand slipped. Like in the legs. They looked much better in the sketch process but they turned out all bulgy so I had to make them look a little awkward. If you look really close, almost every one of my pics has at least three line-art mistakes in them. I have a really unsteady hand which makes line art a b***h on several levels. XD And I still don't have the anthro's face anatomy down all the way. That's pretty much the only angle I can draw them in...which explains the crappy broken neck thing.

-...I have NO idea why I put this up. XD I did this in a total of probably thirty minutes. After drawing her left arm I thought, "...there is no possible way I can make this work...but I'm gonna try anyways!" ...I was unsuccessful though. XXD I hate my torso's by the way. My people look like noodles. >.< and I find it funny that by simply taking an inch off her waist, the pic looks instantly more accurate.
List of things I hate about this pic:
-The F*CKING HAIR!!! scream
-The boots!
-The eyes!
-And most of all...That one b***h of a line that's hanging off the end of the axe...which I could fix in two minutes tops but don't want to because I'm a lazy a**. XD

-Yeah, OK pic. I'll tell you guys the truth though. I really don't think I'm a good marker artist. The colors get ll fadded and there are blotches and s**t EVERYWHERE! I need to take some classes on it so I can getr better but I deserve no praise for my coloring. -_-

_I love this pic more than any other pic I've ever drawn. ^^ It was one of those,"I think I'll actually try," pictures. My only regret is that the bloody smile looks kind of iffy. Oh, and her fingers go all the way to the ends of her claws by the way, Her arms ar still probably too short though. XD And I never noticed the thong thing...reminds me of that one motivational poster...

-Hmm...I liked this pic a lot. But I see now that the front guy's forearms are WAY to short...looks like some sort of demon. xp


Thank you all again! You've been a huge help. ^^ I hope to hear more by the way. I'll post some new pics soon.
I've been lurking on this thread for awhile. Just dropping by to say that I will crit; I just have to get my portfolio done first.

I'll be back. wink
Adore the crosshatching sketch but your anatomical structure and proportion needs improvement.

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