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Im not Gey!!
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Chrome: I thought i'd never say this but..I miss my robes.
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Relax you look fine.......
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Indebted Aggressor

Uh... Did my friends hear me right? When I said I was lookin' for a date, I wasn't referring to the kind where two shady lookin' suits follow me around.
You'll do. I prefer pirates to ninjas anyway.
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Inquisitive Shapeshifter

^^"A crow bar...how quaint. At least you can split an a*****e or two's heads."

^"It's a lovely proposition but I have to decline. Nice gun though."
        She has mist around her. o: But okay. Let's go baby. : D
Your cute. But damnit, I'm straight!
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Indebted Aggressor

Chillin'. Good taste in weapons too. Least she won't be unprepared if we run into any zombies or chupacabras at prom. That sort of thing tends to happen more than you would think.
he's okay but I'm used to be on my own so no date for me then.
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Indebted Aggressor

Iunno... She looks kinda gloomy to me. 'Spose it's alright though.

        Even if I were gay, you look like you'd beat the snot out of me just for looking at you funny.
Pshhh,Myfriends are so sweet,The're the best,look they paired me by personality{Pshh I don't know x"D} ♫♥
awwwww, i'm into guys but i'd love too!
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Indebted Aggressor

It ain't a perfect match, but she seems nice enough. So why not?
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looks like tonight will be interesting... but also lots of fun!

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