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Devoted Explorer

You could have just said you were busy, mother! Aaaaaaaagh. *turns around to find a way to forget what he just saw*
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Elrom's Wife

Enduring Sex Symbol

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"Why are you ******** my mom's remains you sick ********?!"
"So, did you bring back my mother from the dead just to do naughty things with her? Damn, girl. That's some determination."
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Fashionable Fairy

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Sterilizing her after I'm born isn't gong to help, Rad-boy!
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Jatel's Wife

"It seems mother shall have some news scars to add to her collection coming tomorrow evening. I shall notify the healers."
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Omnipresent Lunatic

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WAH, WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY MOTHER'S GRAVE, TROLL?!?! -drops my flowers- G-Go! I don't want to see you!! ;A ;
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Devoted Healer

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OFF MY MOTHER. cat_scream
-Kicks out of room and down a well-
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Distinct Hunter

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"My mother has been dead for years! How could you possib-"

"YOUR SICK" The Hunter points his revolver at Chai
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Dapper Mage

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"Ï haven't seen her for years. So... That's her? gonk Get the ******** off her! Unless you're my dad, I guess. =u=' But still."

V. "Well she does look quite young. emotion_facepalm "
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Flav, that's my mom! D-does she really look that young for you to mistake her for me?!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.: Why thank you, Av~

*slams the door* I'm going to my room. mad
*Stabs out my good eye*
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Aged Survivor

"You can't do that to my mother! I'll kill you!"

-Jumps on and bites-
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Distinct Explorer

"That is my mother, you filthy creature. You will be rotting in The Pool, for this disrespect to the dead and tabboo."
...you get your rocks off screwing bones and dust?

Yeah, sure, sort of offended here, but not surprised. Basic knowledge that all you self-righteous, hoity-toity types are just completely f*cked up and just complete f*ck ups.
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Kawaii Carnivore

'MOM !!! Don t do this ! Didn t you learn anything from our Ladyship ? And this b*****d looks untruthful ! He must be one of dad ' s minions ! '

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