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Ew, you're into necro?
my my.
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Noble Genius

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Winged 100
That's nice mother.

At least you aren't insane or dead.
Treeswatchyoumasturbate's avatar

Man-Hungry Vampire

Mom... I dont care how desperate you are, please don't bring home half naked men you find drunk in a field!!!!
Starshriek's avatar


Oh for the sake of the gods can't you at least find someone with a pulse!
Secret Temptress's avatar

Vicious Carnivore

What the heck mom!? I told you so many times already not to bring random creepers home just because they offered you some damn candy!!ONLY I CAN DO THAT!DX
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Friendly Lunatic

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you know whilst I appreciate that your both adults and therfor have certain "needs" I would like to request that could you please not make out on the living room floor for any who enter the house to see gonk
...My mom is really desperate now. First a RED Spy...then...god dammit.
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  • Entrepreneur 150
  • Junior Trader 100
  • Wall Street 200
"W-WAAAAH~!" *begins crying hysterically*
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Demonic Friend

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  • Threadmaster 200
........... O.o............. *Run away* MIND BLEACH!!!! gonk
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Amorous Ladykiller

19,050 Points
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Champion 300
  • Ultimate Player 200
Z-Zoe! You... You.... UNHAND MY MOTHARRRRR! scream
Skadi Sundermount's avatar

Jatel's Wife

I am disappointed...but not surprised.
keep close's avatar

Agile Raider

-Twiddles fingers- I wonder if I should be expecting another sibling....Probably not.
Starshriek's avatar


Pick up the gun she dropped in order to mount my mother and shoot them both with it.
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Heroic Entrepreneur

Hmm... just don't forget to cook her breakfast in the morning.

((@Majikina: rofl ))
Majikina's avatar

Perky Bunny

...Screwing an angel won't get you into heaven mom. :T

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