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Payonai's avatar

Fuzzy Pants

...Uh.. Um. eek
T-the bathroom is down t-the hall to your left!
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Hot Dog

Well, that's a nice change. Though what are you doing with the hat and goggles still on?
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Manly Lunatic

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  • Cool Cat 500
  • Battle: KO 200
Is that sandwich for me?
Tobo27's avatar

Friendly Dabbler

Skinnydipping again? rolleyes
Payonai's avatar

Fuzzy Pants

Did you need a change of clothes or something?
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Lonely Lover

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*Stares drooling*
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Dapper Bloodsucker

"Well tardis must have transported you here umm.. but it might now transported your clothes also"

"welp ... let me get you some"
x Master_Gracey x's avatar

Dapper Entrepreneur

Oh... h-hello.... Er- may I offer you something to cover up with? I don't want the fiancee to get the wrong impression... O////O
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Enduring Sex Symbol

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  • Megathread 100
  • Invisibility 100

/chases after him with me weapons/


/swings wildly as he runs for his life/
scream WHAT ARE YOU D-

...Actually...I could do something with this. Could you pick up your axe and get into the light over there? Then lift your axe above your head, as if you were in battle. Hang on, I'll go get my easel. *scurries off to get paint supplies*
I chose a GOOD day to come out of hiding! ;D
Annabel Lee Harlow's avatar

Sparkly Friend

-squeaks and covers her eyes- Oh god... did the Mistress hide all your clothes again? O_o
Payonai's avatar

Fuzzy Pants

Um.. Why..? gonk
Do you need some clothes or something..?
Mine might fit you i think... sweatdrop
"For the love of GOD, who are you and where are your clothes?! COVER UUUUUUP!"
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Manly Lunatic

11,500 Points
  • Marathon 300
  • Cool Cat 500
  • Battle: KO 200
Are you my new maid?

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