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How many times have you been married?

Never 0.64909090909091 64.9% [ 6783 ]
Once 0.07933014354067 7.9% [ 829 ]
Oh hell alright let me start counting with Ben over there..... 0.27157894736842 27.2% [ 2838 ]
Total Votes:[ 10450 ]
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Kafei600's avatar

Sparkly Fatcat

He pulled all the flowers out of my nonexistant garden and sold them on eBay and bragged about it. O__o
Paraphobia's avatar


She tried to kill me with her sword o:
Jaydoggy's avatar

Eloquent Friend

wouldn't believe me when I said Reno 911's not real
It was just to strange to be living with a foxman.
Her green made me go crazy.
I discovered she was a girl.
I started to see dreams of a clown murdering me..
He killed my hamster to make his hat... crying
Jaydoggy's avatar

Eloquent Friend

the cat scratched at my tail as a toy.
he just shed too much
She kept smoking in front of mah face >.<
I couldn't understand her and the blinkiness.
She kept knocking things off shelves with her wings....

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