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How do you stop an elephant from charging?

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Shadowy Nerd

        I was reaaaaaaalllllllllllllllly drunk...

        and you should be happy that it went that far last night.
I guess my drink must have been spiked with Vodka. XD
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Liberal Fairy

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0M6, U R 73H 53XX3H. 1 w4n7 2 h4v3 t3h 53xx0rz w17 u!

1337 5p34k b37 (5/5)
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Original Humorist

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I was like "shhh, I can't understand you but bby u so hawt."
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Sparkly Shounen

I really fell in love with his smile. So much life and happiness that I thought I would experience it by doing so.
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Profitable Sage

He's adorable, I couldn't resist.
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Welcoming Pants

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User ImageAll was shattered, and all but memory lost, and one memory above all others...

...-.- it's a weakness I have.

...of him who brought the Shadow and the Breaking of the World. And him they named Dragon.
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Desirable Shapeshifter

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It was mostly in praise of his color pallet.
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Tricky Cultist

When you're in the situation I am, you tend to get worked up and... go further than expected.
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Profitable Sage

That's the only way to cure an alien scratch. Or at least that's what I told him. 4laugh
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Gracious Guildsman

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Through the darkness of future past,
The magician longs to see

It was a wonderful spring day on the open water. I was sailing in admittedly dangerous territory and I was taken by surprise when a beauteous pirate captain boarded my craft. We ended in a stalemate when her crew and mine held in a mexican stand off. We began a duel if wits and, well that lead to the best peace negotiation I've ever been a part of.

One chants out between two worlds:
Fire, walk with me. From Twin Peaks
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He's just such a darling prince charming!
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Fashionable Fairy

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Sparks flew whenever she came near! It was meant to be!
We were arguing and fighting, and I needed to end the fight somehow!
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Amorous Ladykiller

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I was gonna leave her be, considering she just ended a fight, but... DEM LEGS. SO YUMMEH-LOOKIN'.

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