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Yes 0.55339805825243 55.3% [ 114 ]
No 0.053398058252427 5.3% [ 11 ]
I like pie xD 0.39320388349515 39.3% [ 81 ]
Total Votes:[ 206 ]
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"Shallow opinion,
Acid fetish toy in the shape of YOU
Look very beautiful [beautiful]
Deranged, deauched, denued

. . .No. . .

"Empty, Heiress, Tantrums
Psycho, with a gun
Finger heracy
Clean out the poison when you cut out your tongue"
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GIay's Husband

Fashionable Genius


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Precious Perfectionist

Of course! o: Akako is my little Aussie sister on Gaia.
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Tipsy Lunatic

Looking at them I'd presume that the only way to make them stop crying is give them my panties,so I'd have to say no.
Of course! It'd be heartless of me not to. > >;
Yes, as I would be freaked out that someone was so upset that they were crying blood.
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Greedy Ladykiller

Yes, as long as she doesn't try to kill me with that sword.
Yeah...-pats her back-
xl Cyanide Candy lx's avatar

Precious Perfectionist

Comfort him... I guess you could count it as comforting. o: She'd most likely whoop his sorry a** so that he can get over whatever he was crying about.
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Of course.
"Um... I would try to..."

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