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Nuthin much homie 0.20404234841193 20.4% [ 212 ]
Plotting to destroy the world 0.25794032723773 25.8% [ 268 ]
Penguins rule 0.1934552454283 19.3% [ 201 ]
You smell x.X 0.064485081809432 6.4% [ 67 ]
I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... 0.28007699711261 28.0% [ 291 ]
Total Votes:[ 1039 ]
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Inquisitive Vampire

17,350 Points
  • Fusion Novice 50
  • Sunny Side Up 100
  • Summer Celebrant 150
Pnk_Panda_3 is a wonderful, diligent, hard worker. But some of her coworkers had a bit of a problem with how she dressed so her boss had to let her go.

She never spoke a word to members of the opposite sex sweatdrop
iabiel's avatar

Questionable Cat

They kept calling in "dead".....
Payonai's avatar

Feral Fatcat

"She constantly directed business elsewhere because customers frequently wanted to know where she got her clothing from."
woodashes's avatar

Familiar Fatcat

"I understand the need to keep our society safe, but fighting crime IN THE SHOPS EVERYDAY is too much! True, it drew in business where everyone wanted to see the next up and close of criminal arrest, but its too much for us. If we were a restaurant, maybe, but we sell wine. Glass! Expensive wine! Everywhere! Smashed! I'm sorry but you're fired." --shopkeeper
Icy Blossoms's avatar

Star Pitcher

Conspiring to fire the CEO of the company and take over.
Zero_HP's avatar

Shy Gaian

Shooting fireballs at the customers.
SatinLights's avatar

15,500 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Crack Shot 50
  • Cool Cat 500
Took a dump in the boss's nice comfy expensive leather chair. DNA evidence confirmed his identity. eek
TillxGone's avatar

Dangerous Lover

She was too much into summer. She would go around and spray customers with her water gun and it was not fun for them.
onigakko's avatar

Animal Bloodsucker

She kept swiping drinks from the bar.
Horror Holly's avatar

WereRetty's Wife

Dangerous Wife

She worked in a Pottery Store. One day she went in on a bad mood and when she attempted to sculpt, she just couldn't find her inspiration and focus. So what did she do?

She vented her anger creatively by breaking and smashing every pot in the place.
Chiralistral's avatar

Invisible Phantom

She just freaked everybody out, customers and colleagues alike. Some reported strange things happening after being in her presence, like their body shaking.
She reaped one too many of the customer's souls.
GIay's avatar

Cold Pants

This was before she became a pirate. One of her hidden past, perhaps.

Aularen used to be a cook's apprentice in a shady tavern, contented with filling the stomachs of scurvy pirates. One fateful day, the day she found her rat in fact, she got into an argument with a nasty looking pirate about how his mutton leg was cooked (it was not well done, as she was distracted by the rat she found scuttling in the kitchen). Agitated, she swung the femur at him, sending him flying out of the tavern. The audience cheered enthusiastically and a fight ensued, which Aularen, accidentally, won. She later found out that the pirate was the captain of a ship, the Late Delivery, and that his crew decided to abandon him and take her as their captain. She was fired for her actions, but won a ship, and a crew.

This is however, just a legend, about the captain of the Happy Delivery. Only the pirate herself knows what really happened.
TillxGone's avatar

Dangerous Lover

"Because he brought a gun to work. Geez."
He was a little too enthusiastic and wound up slapping a couple of the customers.

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