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Questionable Cat

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Rules and how to play...

No double posting. It's EVIL.
No inflammatory remarks
Gaia ToS yadda yadda
Please try to refrain from sandwich posting

Please to be posting why you think the avatar above you got fired from their job.

The avatar above me got fired because they were invisible and were never seen at work.

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The avatar above me spent so much time curling her hair she never showed up in work either x)


btwww... isn't that ilegal? to fire someone for that?
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Dapper Genius

She was always bumping into people and things because she walked around with her eyes closed.
Swoosh Dx

She wouldn't comply with uniform regulations.
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Her Spiteful attitude
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Questionable Cat

They were too busy flying a plane in restricted airspace o:

@DJ: Well, I'm able to go back to work but my surgeon put restrictions on what I can do and my work place is not able to cooperate with it. Even though they are temporary.

It is not against the law to terminate someone if they are holding up a position that could be filled. x.x; Sadly.
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Sparkly Cat

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Umumum. Because she brought her cat to work since she couldn't live without him.

(I work for the same company as Iabiel - they get away with all kinds of s**t, but I don't think it's illegal, no.)
She always wear skirts that are too short
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The kid stole candy from the coworkers--the line was drawn when the boss's donut disappeared. D;

Her hair didn't fit in the cubicles.

jhfckjdsf That's really bad though. ): What did you get surgery for?
DJ starrshine was fired because she refused to wear the correct uniform more than half the time.
Yes they are ugly but rules are rules.
(wow just read above. DJ, girl you have an issue with uniforms huh? lol)
crushed+twinkie got fired because her hair was far longer than the dress code permitted.
Pro Death was fired because of the very long "smoke" breaks.
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pffft as if you're anymore in the code. talk2hand

All the men in the company forgot to work whenever twinkie was around. ): Productivity took a nosedive.
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Conservative Gaian

She didn't follow the dress code and she attracted customers in the wrong way.
iabiel's avatar

Questionable Cat

^^ DJ was fired because of inappropriate dress code :'D

^ Mental was fired for typing too fast ^^

@DJ: I had to have surgery in the torso area... so I cant lift, sit or stand for long periods of time D:
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Eloquent Smoker

♥♥ Iabiel got fired for creating a kickass games on the job.

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