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I meerley locked her down there untill she hands me that bazooka. I will not tolerate any shooting in my home. emotion_donotwant
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Demonic Girl

Because I could not stand one more Christmas song... stare
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Vermillion Phantom

"I don't really know, I just sort of panicked when I saw her."
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Cold Fatcat

Well, she heard a plate fall- and ran down there to hide I wouldn't understand why though- if anything I personally find basements far creepier than actual homes.
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i wanted to see if his tail was real ~ heart

...he resisted twisted
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She's not anymore. I needed a place to keep her until I could chain her to my bed. twisted
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"She tried chaining me to my own bed, so I had to stop her."
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"The items in my basement are less... breakable."
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I'm not done with controllled_chaos yet. heart Anima has to wait.
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Clean Abomination

"Someone has to start hoarding for the winter too, right?"

".... Bad reason. I know. I'll go let her out at once and give her my apologies."
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It's quite a funny story actually. I told him to hand over that "Meat bun" politely, and he said no. Little did he know, I'm a world class martial artist. I got the bun and locked him in the basement. But, now I realize that I'm much to nice to do such a thing as so. Sooooo, let me go open the door. emotion_kirakira
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Cold Fatcat

I was trying to plan a 'Welcome back' party- and the only way I could be sure the surprise wouldn't be spoiled was to keep her down there for a little bit.
hmmm? huh, i don't even know what you're talking about rofl


i swear, there's no one in my basement


yes, i'm telling the truth!

just...stay away from that door over there, kay? sweatdrop

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