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Swashbuckling Sex Symbol

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I sleep safer that way
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He was sleepwalking, I just detoured him down there and locked him in. Have fun! ♪
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Partying Sex Symbol

Because she's trying to suck my blood, and I'm not into vampires
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Enduring Friend

My thicket doesn't go underground. confused
Leave whenever you like, I won't keep you.
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Feral Fatcat

She was unfamiliar with the mechanics of the door- and I guess she accidentally pushed the lock-?
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Unsealed Phantom

He ended up getting involved with the wrong people and I'm hiding him right now. Though, since he's quite the troublemaker, I don't trust him in other parts of the house.
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In a relationship with a little hummingbird

Calculated Assailant

"A certain someone sent a drone after me so he could try and track down my location. So I locked him in his basement. I say it's an equal trade~"
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Fluffy Bunny

She went down there to check out a really scary noise I had heard coming from inside. When the noise started echoing up the stairs, I panicked and slammed the door shut, causing the door handle to fall off.
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Bookish Hellraiser

"She locked herself down there to get away from Omega."
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Tipsy Nymph

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She lives there. Sometimes, she'll just lock it up when she needs some peace and quiet. I don't judge.
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Feral Fatcat

He's not 'locked' he just doesn't want to leave.
We're having far too much fun playing video games down there anyway.

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