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Distinct Hunter

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"Well, if I bring 'em ta' jail, he'll be locked up fer an eternity, but I've gotta' teach 'em somehow." The Hunter crossed his arms.

"...Wait a second, I live inna apartment..."

V "I mean well, I promise"
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Anxious Mage

Probably because he broke my nose with umbrella fencing. MAYBE WHO KNOWS?!^^

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Tipsy Loiterer

She looks fierce and seems competent with using her weapons. Thought I might have some fun with her...
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Liberal Browser

"...Well, where else would I put her? Can't exactly call the authorities, either. Don't think they'd take the word of a freak very nicely. I just slip her some meat 3 times a day."
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Invisible Tipper

haughty adventurer man thinking he could stop me. showed him what for!
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Fuzzy Kitten

"B-Because I'm scared of what she might do if she escapes" ;A; !!!
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Invisible Tipper


[[sorry i had to]]
Selling me off-brand Girl Scout cookies. Unforgivable. -_-

Swooshed! Okay, well, this one ATE my off-brand Girl Scout cookies, then.
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Feral Flatterer

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"He was gonna squeal on my work; nobody tries that."
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Beloved Informer

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"Well, he broke into my apartment in the middle of the night and I couldn't figure out what else to do after I coldcocked him with the phone by the bed! So...he's tied up in the basement of my building until a whole lotta cops get here..."
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Enduring Mage

"I had reason to suspect that she knew of my homicides so I panicked. I'm still trying to think of a way to ensure she doesn't tell anyone without having to resort to more violence."
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Intellectual Risk-Taker

"Good place for him to practice, plenty of room."

"...I just hope the locked door doesn't make him nervous, it was meant to keep Omega out."

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