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Rhea Byrne's avatar

Bookish Hellraiser

"...He threatened to turn myself and Carlotta in to the police, so I locked him down there until he changes his mind."
Tr1ck-Sh0t's avatar

Benevolent Powerhouse

11,300 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Battle: KO 200
  • Jolly Roger 50
We dragged blankets and cushions and stuff down there. We're making a cushion fort. And we're hiding from Kent. So yeah...we locked ourselves i......=frowns=......waaaaaaaait.
Anima Rosaceae's avatar

Diligent Harvester

He locked himself in there... and I lost the key.
xxx_Stabarella_xxx's avatar

Lavish Sex Symbol

Aharr! It be the brig, ye landlubbin' moron! An' furthermore! I be on a ship! Ships donnae' 'ave basements! They donnae' even go on the ground!
That aside, she's locked in the brig for being too sickeningly adorable for her own good.
Avril Dizzy Ocho's avatar

Hardcore Genius

11,600 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Team Moira 200
Her pirate talk annoyed me. mad
Moth Tale's avatar

Malevolent Bloodsucker

13,650 Points
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Survivor 150
  • Jack-pot 100
I need followers...I'm keeping her there until she agrees to write a song praising me and encouraging the mindless youth to worship me.
Kyukii Arc's avatar

Distinct Visionary

"She killed my targets."
Beautiful Envy's avatar

Profitable Sage

He came in here trying to shoot me! I need to find a way to get rid of him before he succeeds.
GLJordan's avatar

Swashbuckling Sex Symbol

17,000 Points
  • Angelic Alliance 100
  • Team Rina 200
  • Restorative Spirit 250
She entered there to rob and but couldn't get out pirate
Payonai's avatar

Feral Fatcat

He's an angry pirate.. I figured I'd lock him in the basement until I found a store that sold rum.
Beautiful Envy's avatar

Profitable Sage

To lure Saph out so I can cut her hair!

Rhea Byrne's avatar

Bookish Hellraiser

"Wanted thief hiding in my locked basement to avoid getting caught? No clue what you're talking about officer."
doki_do's avatar


She's hiding from her evil stepmother.
Lamb Thundah Sparkpants's avatar

Hallowed Gaian

15,200 Points
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Citizen 200
  • Jack-pot 100
"Because stress relief. Nuff said."
For obvious reasons of course u_u

I would always have fluffy clouds to pluck from the sky and used as cotton in my pillows.

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