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what's more adorable?

circles 0.78927203065134 78.9% [ 412 ]
squares 0.21072796934866 21.1% [ 110 ]
Total Votes:[ 522 ]
Payonai's avatar

Wild Sophomore

He has so many cute rabbits with him!
Skutz's avatar


Gone from WG guyz's avatar

Enduring Shapeshifter


E-even though that hat is cute, Skutz. ><;;
Saturnidae's avatar


Tie biggrin They're both adorable
FrailSnail's avatar

Dedicated Kitten

...this was a tough one, but i think i will have to go with Skutz
that hat was unbeatable.
* * *
I will have to go with I Will Eat Your Dreams, likely her eyes win me over.
Syrynx's avatar

Shameless Lunatic

Both are adorable, I am going to say Easley though, he just looks a little more cherubic
Duckling Teeth's avatar

Dapper Ladykiller

11,550 Points
  • Signature Look 250
  • Cart Raider 100
  • Hygienic 200
Tea Time Massacre's avatar

Man-Hungry Millionaire

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  • Sausage Fest 200
  • Generous 100
Duckling Teeth...

her name contains baby ducks,
already adorable
Saturnidae's avatar


Duckling Teeth xD
Though Tea Time is adorable in another kind of way xD
davroslek's avatar

Friendly Gaian

Tea Time Massacre
octopotamus's avatar

Peaceful Conversationalist

davroslek, hands down. That face~
Archiduquesa Akako's avatar

Fashionable Genius

in fact, TNP, skip me lol
Yuunisa's avatar

Shy Healer

"Well call me crazy as I find dissolve me insanely adorable in a way~ ... Although I'm still prone to admiring Akako and her sweet tunes~~ --- Sorry 'bout that..."

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