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McDonalds or Subway?

subway 0.70428015564202 70.4% [ 1629 ]
mcdonalds 0.29571984435798 29.6% [ 684 ]
Total Votes:[ 2313 ]
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Out of the two Avatars about you, which one would you willingly share a room with? Why?
hehe, there's only one avatar above me.

Teh idiot heart
Both~! They both seem very nice. heart
Both aswell
Both, but if I had to choose, Bi0, because she seems like she'd be fun to party with. xD
ASN.. she's my secretary. XDD <3
Proj-y! And me, of course. xD
Probably neither. I'm not fond of roommates.
Xquizt's avatar

Eloquent Inquisitor

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It'd be hella interesting sharing a room with Syrok!
Syork I do like to hang out with drag queens n.n
The mushroom, without a doubt.
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Friendly Lunatic

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oh hard choice, but defanetly kit_katz_rock

swooshed, twice gonk

Caffinated Mushroom

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