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What kind of mood does the AAY look like he/she/it is in? The invisible person above me is feeling sad...because he's invisible! xd
He looks absolutely calm and confident. ^^
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Conservative Gaian

She looks like she has intentions to sweep someone.
Look at that lipstick smile on her face. Those eyes aren't as innocent and sweet as they look!
/Nook gets swept.
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Mischievous. I can see Snarky getting back at Myin for the scarf...
She looks a bit shocked, and disgusted.
Hopefully it's not because of the rats. :c
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Shy Bookworm

He looks very happy and content to be surrounded by so many rats. xd
He looks like he's enjoying himself.
Maybe winking at a few people enjoying him play.
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Lupine Bunny

He's obviously in a loner sort of mood. Listening to music and running...
Giddy, prolly over some sort of plan falling together.
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Confident. She'll easily win this duel, like she's won all the others.
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Shy Bookworm

He's upset that an unspeakable horror got loose in his room and he had to bloody things up by killing it.
He's in a might happy mood. <3
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Magical Explorer

A fussy "I don't want to talk to you" mood. She won't even look at you.
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Doting Wife


He's waiting for Schrodey (his cat) to do his morning self-affirmation ritual.

They are laughing WITH you! They are laughing WITH you! ...
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Puuya 's Partner

Shy Bookworm

Fabulous; she looks good and she knows it! xd

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