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look at the person above you and tell who they are in harry potter
We are Affiliated with the new HP MPT, so heres a link to them. I will put the banner up, if they ever get one... http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/harry-potter/harry-potter-mpt/t.75248381_1/#4
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A female green haired version of Harry Potter. XD
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A young Hagrid wearing armor.
Younger Narcissa Malfoy
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Nya, er... hm..

Cho Chang. biggrin
Professor Sprout ;D
Seamus Finnegan
I Solemnly Swear

A Young Tonks.

~ Aliyssa ~

That I, Am Up To No Good
Draco's Mum.
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looks like Tonks to me
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First person I thought of was Fenrir Greyback...
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The Dark Lord will Rise Again! Throw us into Azkaban we will wait! He will Rise Again and will come for us,
He will Reward us beyond any of his other Supporters!

Luna Lovegood
We alone were Faithful! We alone tried to find him!
For some reason you remind me of snape hmmmmm
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