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Familiar Fatcat

He's bold, and daring, with a very good sense of detail and coordination and a well-honed sense for style. Someone who likes interesting ideas that aren't just flat and steps out of normal. I should say he's quite the thoughtful individual.
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      (( that theyre 100x kawaii. maybe 1000x when theyre not calling me a fat wombat.
      huff huff ...
      maybe they have an affinity for oversized shirts too! .o. they like poses with a bit of movement in them ~ ))

      v (( djfnffg thank you ! ;u; ))
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ii Jamie Kym's Husband

Girl-Crazy Winner

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  • Marathon 300
  • Signature Look 250
  • Treasure Hunter 100
A very elegant tone is set with the combination of red, black and gray. And in my opinion, a little bit of a cutesy touch with the face. The horns are the only think I'd say are out of place, but even then they at least match the hair. I like the mature feel that his outfit has.
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Partying Glitch

11,550 Points
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Jack-pot 100
  • Partygoer 500
Hes a body building obsessed hero who likes showing off his abs biggrin ..... was that mean? D:
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Rampaging Demigod

33,250 Points
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Snow Ninja 500
  • Married 100
They know how to make a color really pop with the use of black and white so she must have a close eye for detail. She's showing off her legs so she must like feeling sexy hmm.. maybe a cute sexy without an overly lusty sexy?
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Beloved Fairy

He adores the mysterious, darker things in life. Probably appreciates magic or alchemy. He might have developed a small god complex, that wicked smile and eyes scream "I know something you don't." Other than that he seems clever, and has a humorous outlook on generally everything.
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Beloved Vampire

She tends to be introverted and has a mysterious yet elegant air to her. She seems to love mythical creatures and the natural beauties of the world.
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reverti's Husband

Winged Gatekeeper

She values aesthetics highly and is one who cares about how she or others may look before stepping out into public. She's not exactly prudish, but she doesn't take lightly to indedency either. Lover of peace. Shies away from trouble when it gets too intense, but may step in if she feels she can do something about it. Quite likes a theme of elegance or smooth and slender looks.
Snarky's hella into black, gray, white-- monochromatic. His characters' expression always look like they're inviting people to learn more about him, but he stays mysterious, and opens up only to the people he trusts. He's very into the details, and always stays classy-- whether he's half a snake, demon, vampire. heart
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Noble Mage

9,050 Points
  • Elocutionist 200
  • Battle: Mage 100
  • Timid 100
She is very much into the holiday spirit and looks cute as well. She still enjoys the child-like joy that can come with the time of year.
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Beloved Fairy

She is coy, but has a mysterious side to her. The kind of girl you don't trust, because she is likely to break your heart.
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Melodious Raider

Seems elusive, like a lynx. Loves nature. Won't seem to trust people unless they also like nature.
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          She is possibly a fan of classic shoujo manga, as her current avatar is a Utena cosplay.
          When she starts something, she focuses on that alone; excess details are invariably left out.

          ↓ Your intuition is quite sharp. Everything you said is true except for the anime, makeup, and ChapStick tidbits.
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Magnetic Receiver

She has a fondness for lolita and gothic themes. She probably likes anime (Umineko franchise perhaps or Rozen Maiden). She also is sarcastic and loves irony. She spends a lot of time making her hair just right. She likes lacy things, but is not a girly girl. She feels herself to be grounded and down to earth. She is also petite. She doesn't care much about fashion or trends or internet memes. She wears a lot of eyeliner and/or mascara but only chap stick on her lips. Now, tell me if I got anything right.

^ All fixed. ^_^
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Devoted Lop

`She's very sweet, caring, and giving.
`Is very seasonal or likes Autumn

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