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Invisible Fairy

You decide, what class would the avatar above you teach if they were a teacher at hogwarts?

If you have any trouble coming up with the name of a class here is a list of them:

Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic
Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures
Muggle Studies


Please dont skip anyone even if you are having a conversation with another person

Feel free to make up a class (make it within reason though)

AND HAVE FUN!!!! haha blaugh
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Dapper Darling

Care of Magical Creatures.

And you forgot Flying. emotion_c8
Mel-lissycoolNcute's avatar

Invisible Fairy

Flying lessons! (for some reason you remind me of Madam Hooch) smile
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Destructive Lunatic

^^She would teach potions, I'd imagine. If not potions, then Divination.

^ Care of Magical Creatures. Definitely.
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Ruthless Vampire

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Definetely Defence against the Dark Arts ninja
Mel-lissycoolNcute's avatar

Invisible Fairy

DarkKnight ~ potions teacher 3nodding

Caerthakatha ~ charms or divination (by the way you are suppose to post what you think the avi above you would teach)
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Anxious Browser

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Potions, no doubt. mrgreen
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Dapper Darling

Ancient Runes. biggrin
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Lonely Phantom

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II Earl Grey II

History of Magic, Potions or Transfiguration
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Dapper Lunatic

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Learned Werewolf

I think maybe History of magic.
Mel-lissycoolNcute's avatar

Invisible Fairy

Mr. Lupin you are a former defense against the dark arts teacher and certainly look the part! 3nodding
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You are appealing to emotions


that I simply do not have.

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