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Favorite literary genre?

Mystery! I like to read about people figuring bloody secrets out. 0.051282051282051 5.1% [ 4 ]
Classics! Love me some Shakespeare. 0.012820512820513 1.3% [ 1 ]
Humor! Books should make you smile. 0.14102564102564 14.1% [ 11 ]
Romance! Books should make you go wobbly-kneed. 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 8 ]
Sci-fi! Adventures in space. 0.064102564102564 6.4% [ 5 ]
Fantasty! Adventures in made-up places. 0.42307692307692 42.3% [ 33 ]
Action! I like the suspense. 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
Thrillers! You shouldn't read alone in the dark. 0.1025641025641 10.3% [ 8 ]
Non-fiction! I'm one of those smart people. 0.025641025641026 2.6% [ 2 ]
I DUN'T REED. 0.038461538461538 3.8% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 78 ]
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Familiar Conquest

Frozen candy bars.

Favorite type of car?
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Playful Cat

Nissan GT-R.

Favorite type of dog breed?
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Familiar Conquest

Irish Wolfhounds.

Favorite State in the USA?
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Questionable Cat

I'm bias.

What is your favorite soft drink?
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Lonely Nerd

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Old-fashioned cream soda in a glass bottle.

What is your favorite classic rock song?
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Gracious Flatterer

Irn-Bru. I am such a stereotype.

I'm never really sure what counts as classic rock, I think the Beatles are? I really like Octopus Garden.

Favourite era of history?
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Familiar Conquest

I've answered this question three times in the past 24 hours! Tudor Era.

Favorite kids show?
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Ice-Cold Seeker

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Sesame Street. Inspired me to learn, it's comforting, and one of my favorite teachers was a director for it. (He directed the Abby's Flying Fairy School segments. One of my favorite stories involves him talking to a puppeteer and realizing he was talking to the puppet on set.)

Favorite episode of any show?
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At the moment, "Hard Luck Woman" from Cowboy Bebop. It punched me through the heart multiple times, and yeah. (The final two eps too, but HLW was the breaking point, hah. ;~~~;)

Favorite ice cream flavor?
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Smitten Kitten

Baskin Robbins' pink bubblegum. They don't always have it, and so when they do it's a tasty treat. 3nodding

What is your favourite vegetable?
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Familiar Conquest


Favorite mythical creature?

Favorite song?
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Questionable Cat

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Diligent Carnivore

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  • Caroling Champ 100
Philadelphia cheese steak, American cheese, ketchup, salt and pepper. Amoroso's roll. MUST be Amoroso's, accept no substitutes.

Favorite pair of shoes you ever owned? Details, please.
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Moonlight Girl

My designer Gorillaz converse shoes that have the Gorillaz characters on them in different colours. I really love them. emotion_yatta

What is your favourite animal plushie?

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