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I like lots of TVs. DO YOU LIKE THE TVS?

Dr. Who (Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey) 0.171875 17.2% [ 55 ]
Sherlock (We can't giggle, it's a crime scene) 0.096875 9.7% [ 31 ]
Community (everything the Dean says is a quote) 0.065625 6.6% [ 21 ]
30 Rock (I want to go to there) 0.021875 2.2% [ 7 ]
Parks and Recreation (Ron f#$&#xck;ing Swanson) 0.0375 3.8% [ 12 ]
Mythbusters (Jamie want big boom) 0.175 17.5% [ 56 ]
Game of Thrones (You win or you die) 0.065625 6.6% [ 21 ]
Supernatural (I lost my shoe) 0.10625 10.6% [ 34 ]
I love all of these TVs! <3 0.13125 13.1% [ 42 ]
I hate all of these TVs. >:Y 0.128125 12.8% [ 41 ]
Total Votes:[ 320 ]
-First, answer the AAY's 'favorite' question.
-Then, tell the person BELOW you a favorite something have to reveal!

I'll post:
"Your Favorite Food?"
You'd answer:
"Cod Liver Oil!" (or something) and then add a question of your own!

Out of ideas? Here's a couple of classics:
~Food (dessert, drink, candy, pasta, foreign food, etc.)
~Brand Name
~Music Genre
~Class In School
~Video Game

Lastly, if you find yourself alone in this thread, feel free to post more than one time in a row. This is actually a wordgame where sandwich posting isn't frowned upon.
Go to it, have fun!
This post is for announcements, memorable posts, giveaways etc.
~ Memorable Quotes ~

Page Four
Favorite Vegetable.
Laughing cow cheese
(A friendly reminder to always go back and check for swooshes!)
Page Six
MorpheusD Duvall
Best thing to wear on a rainy day?
him am the devil

Page Ninety-Three
Zachary Charon
Favorite fur-covered animal?
ScaredCrow the Spiffy
Your mom.
OH SNAPS! surprised

Page One Hundred Eighteen
Favorite Italian Dish?
I have a lovely one with a flower pattern. surprised

Page One Hundred Forty-Eight
Favorite real-life villian?
Kid Icarus
Hands down xD.

Page Five Hundred Seventy-Three, submitted by thRetro
Favourite use for old cardboard boxes?
FOOOOORTS. *charges off to sit in box*

As you may know, each October is Least Favorite Month here in Trade a Fave! Check the first post for appropriate instructions.

Completed Polls:
= Favorite WG.
= Favorite type of food.
= Favorite drink.
= Favorite condiment.
= Favorite ice cream flavor.
= Favorite animal.
= Favorite movie genre.
= Favorite smell.
= Favorite farm animal.
= Halloween special: Favorite Halloween costume.
= Favorite pollwhore option.
= Favorite vegetable.
= Favorite music type.
= Valentine's Day special: Favorite chocolate candy.
= Favorite board game.
= Favorite fruit.
= Summer special: Favorite thing about summer.
= Favorite unhealthy snack.
= Are you excited for Least Favorite month?
= Halloween special: Favorite Halloween candy.
= Favorite recent Gaia development.
= Favorite board game.
= Spring special: Favorite whimsical sport.
= Favorite breakfast food.
= Favorite play by Shakespeare.
= Favorite movie genre.
= Halloween special: Favorite thing about Halloween.
= Favorite sandwich.
= Favorite mythical creature.
= Favorite TV Show
Favorite brand of shoe?

Whats your favorite type of car?
Mmm... My dad's butter-yellow '64 Malibu SS. Sweet!

What's your favorite chocolate?
(I'm determined.)

Dark chocolate, all the way.

What's your favorite look on an avatar?

What is your favorite Musical
Oooh- Miss Saigon.

What's your favorite highschool stereotype?
User Image

  • Emo

    How many pairs of shoes do you own?

User Image
Eh? That's not a fave, Wolfy my love! 8B

About seven, I think, counting boots etc.

What's your favorite sauce?
Chocolate Sauce?

What's your favorite type of underwear.
Er, bikini, I suppose.

What's your favorite hair style?
Vro's avatar

Jeering Phantom

8,700 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Champion 300
Eye-over for me. :B

What's your favorite pun?
"Ha, ha, that pun was pun-y."


What's your favorite Disney movie?
alice in wonderland.

What's your favorite animal?

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