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Sappy Romance?

Yesplz. 0.61374407582938 61.4% [ 259 ]
Yuck... 0.38625592417062 38.6% [ 163 ]
Total Votes:[ 422 ]
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Oh, you want to try feeding the octopus? Careful, he has a temper and he spits.
"Is something wrong, madame? Are you hurt?"
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Hardened Husband

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User Image*yanks hand away* I dislike being touched.

*cocks revolver*

v---Bite it off. emotion_dowant

One who knows nothing can understand nothing.
xl Cyanide Candy lx's avatar

Precious Perfectionist

"He says he dislikes being touched and yet here he is, touching my hand."

*raises an eyebrow mockingly at Skeet*

"Are you going to move that or do you want to lose it?"
K i m z y's avatar

Moonlight Girl

OK! I'm not sure how to salsa. I take it you want to salsa with me, right? I can try and learn.
Acidic Kisses's avatar

Fashionable Nerd

ehh, i'm used to strangers taking my hand. So i will say "Hi how are you?!!?!?!?!?!" to scare them away > : D
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Partying Cultist

Why do you have scissors in your hands?? emotion_8c
Really, my hair doesn't need a trim. I'm good... No, let me gooo! I don't trust you!!
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Anxious Sophomore

What? Did you find the treasure?
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Anxious Browser

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Ah! redface Oh, um...okay... heart

> Leans against Gorilla

V - Boy, please, don't keep stroking your ego. emotion_8c
Black Ice Anti-Hero's avatar

Versatile Lunatic

Pretty much saw that coming
Pnk_Panda_3's avatar

Sparkling Strawberry

*gulp* you're not planning on handcuffing me to something or someone, are you?
amiante's avatar


Um. N-no thanks. I can't have cocoa, actually...
smile into the chaos's avatar

Sparkly Streaker

                User Image

                                  Hm? o.o You look like someone who has gone a long time without human contact. It must be tough..
Black Ice Anti-Hero's avatar

Versatile Lunatic

And where might this be going?

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