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Well this certainly isn't the most romantic setting I would have hoped for. Rather macabre, don't you think Edward? Perhaps we should head inside, have a bit of tea...? After that we can worry about the kissing.
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Omnipresent Lunatic

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Grin lightly, and pull him into an embrace, with a deep, passionate kiss heart
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User ImagexUser ImagexUser Image

He is strong, but still a little shy...

*pushes him away* Whoa buddy, I'm already in love with someone! Please don't.
v I-I'm sorry I was caught in a daydream...

Kiku Honda is my perfect Samurai...
General Kim's avatar

Intellectual Mage

"Hon, I know I've said I'm trying to improve relations between the DPRK and Japan, but this is not what I had in mind."
xxx_Stabarella_xxx's avatar

Dangerous Lover

The cloaked woman paused a moment. Did he know she was nude under her cloak? Was this just a ruse to distract her? Was this going to be an attempt on her life? She didn't know the answer to any of these, and, it was cold outside, and he was warm. She wrapped her arms round him and pressed her lips to his in an attempt to share their collective body heat.
Well this is interesting. I never expected to bump into you around these parts o-oh wha..what's this?

This is uncal... mmm wha..t? No Stabby please don't do that again.
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Devoted Explorer

You're drunk! *pushes him away*
Freya Caelum's avatar

Ruthless Sophomore

Freya kisses his cheek in greeting before pulling back, smiling. "Hello, Khursan! Good to see you! Traveling to anywhere in particular?"
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Merry Friend

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m-m-miss freya..what are you doing?
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O.G. Noob

It's like being in the middle of a high fantasy romance...not sure how I feel about that.
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-punches him in the face- emotion_donotwant
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Partying Cultist

*Holds up Doggy* Here, kiss him instead. He's waaay classier than me! Probably a better kisser too. You'll get some tongue at least. dramallama
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Distinct Phantom

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Even A Knight Can Only...

˝ Perhaps this is not a good idea, for a noble to kiss a Phantom Knight....and please ma'am, my preferences are "Cute" not...erm....well that's just my preferences! ˝

(Currently Talking In Character.)

...Protect So Much
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Super Noob

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Lean in and finish it. cat_whee

Admittedly, this is very odd behavior for him, but I'm not complaining, it is a lot better then him trying to kill me... but, I guess I should try to find out what's up with him... he might be being mind controlled or something. That would be bad. He'd probably kill me in anger if I didn't help him... cat_sweatdrop
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Questionable Sweetheart

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*quickly steps to the side* I don't think so. I learned not to trust anyone with eyes that sparkly!

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