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-smirks- The ladies can't resist me, even in my female form! This is the best day ever!
Rarurie's avatar

Dapper Bloodsucker

Rebel tangled her neck and wrap it in clothes , staring her soulful eyes "closer" she whispered
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Dangerous Lunatic

10,750 Points
  • Battle: Counterstrike 150
  • Forum Explorer 100
  • Survivor 150
=flinches violently, plastering himself into the nearest wall as far as possible and tucking his head to his chest fearfully= Mmm! =trembling=
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Interesting Animal

Lea Florens's avatar

Supportive Shapeshifter

Countess Kinoko's avatar

Partying Cultist

Aww, how sweet! *Passes out from the skunk smell*
Ficchu's avatar

Magical Explorer

-backs away-


Look, it's not that I don't like you or anything it's just... could you put some clothes on?
Pandora_B's avatar

Smitten Kitten

Oooh~! *puckers up* emotion_kirakira

Wait... Not in front of Schrodinger. *covers his wee kitty eyes*
Holy Slayer's avatar

O.G. Noob

Wait how is this even going to work with that scarf always around your mouth?
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Friendly Friend

8,650 Points
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  • Citizen 200
  • Partygoer 500
._. *Realizes what's going on. Quickly picks up kitty that's next to feet, and hold it up to his mouth.*
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*Stays still and lets the neko inch closer* <333 Ohh, you are part cat, eh? You've got one of those rough tongues... just what I like. <3
Erm, well, if you would like...just don't give Yura another reason to harrass me, yes?

I know all your secrets, old man!

Yuri Irsenovich, shut your mouth!!!
Payonai's avatar

Timely Informer

Under the cherryblossoms?.. how romantic :'D
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Gracious Cutie-Pie

8,400 Points
  • Entrepreneur 150
  • Generous 100
  • Friendly 100
Eh, you are kinda cute. *smooch*
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Dapper Bloodsucker

"Continue my lady" he said in a morbid voice "Your magic will bloom for all eternity"

"Yes, spread it with a wrath lust, like you've never done it before, yeah"

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